AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-19MAINTAINERS: Add SoundWire entrynextVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: intel: Add Intel init moduleVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: intel: Add Intel Master driverVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: cdns: Add sdw_master_ops and IO transfer supportSanyog Kale
2017-12-19soundwire: cdns: Add cadence libraryVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: Add slave status handlingVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: Add Slave status handling helpersSanyog Kale
2017-12-19soundwire: Add IO transferVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: Add SoundWire MIPI defined registersSanyog Kale
2017-12-19soundwire: Add MIPI DisCo property helpersVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: Add Master registrationVinod Koul
2017-12-19soundwire: Add SoundWire bus typeVinod Koul
2017-12-19Documentation: Add SoundWire summarySanyog Kale
2017-12-19MAINTAINERS: Add SLIMbus maintainerSrinivas Kandagatla
2017-12-19slimbus: qcom: Add runtime-pm support using clock-pauseSagar Dharia
2017-12-19slimbus: qcom: Add Qualcomm Slimbus controller driverSagar Dharia
2017-12-19dt-bindings: Add qcom slimbus controller bindingsSagar Dharia
2017-12-19slimbus: core: add common defines required for controllersSrinivas Kandagatla
2017-12-19regmap: add SLIMbus supportSrinivas Kandagatla
2017-12-19slimbus: Add support for 'clock-pause' featureSagar Dharia
2017-12-19slimbus: Add messaging APIs to slimbus frameworkSagar Dharia
2017-12-19slimbus: core: add support to device tree helperSrinivas Kandagatla
2017-12-19slimbus: core: Add slim controllers supportSagar Dharia
2017-12-19slimbus: Add SLIMbus bus typeSagar Dharia
2017-12-19dt-bindings: Add SLIMbus bindingsSagar Dharia
2017-12-19Documentation: Add SLIMbus summarySagar Dharia
2017-12-19MAINTAINERS: Add entry for SIOXUwe Kleine-König
2017-12-19siox: add gpio bus driverUwe Kleine-König
2017-12-19siox: add support for tracingUwe Kleine-König
2017-12-19genwqe: Remove unused parameter in some functionsGuilherme G. Piccoli
2017-12-19genwqe: Make defines uppercaseGuilherme G. Piccoli
2017-12-19genwqe: Remove unused variable and rename functionGuilherme G. Piccoli
2017-12-19nvmem: rockchip-efuse: add support for rk3328-efuseFinley Xiao
2017-12-19nvmem: rockchip-efuse: parse 'rockchip,efuse-size'Finley Xiao
2017-12-19nvmem: uniphier: change access unit from 32bit to 8bitKunihiko Hayashi
2017-12-19nvmem: core: switch to device_property_present for reading property "read-only"Heiner Kallweit
2017-12-19nvmem: core: let stride and word_size default to 1Heiner Kallweit
2017-12-19nvmem: core: Deduplicate bus_find_device() by name matchingLukas Wunner
2017-12-19ANDROID: binder: make binder_alloc_new_buf_locked static and indent its argum...Xiongwei Song
2017-12-19mei: fix spelling mistake: "botther" -> "bother"Colin Ian King
2017-12-19coresight: etb10: remove duplicate includesPravin Shedge
2017-12-19coresight: Fix disabling of CoreSight TPIURobert Walker
2017-12-19coresight: Use PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO()Vasyl Gomonovych
2017-12-19coresight: Deduplicate bus_find_device() by name matchingLukas Wunner
2017-12-19siox: new driver framework for eckelmann SIOXUwe Kleine-König
2017-12-18virt: Add vboxguest driver for Virtual Box Guest integrationHans de Goede
2017-12-18virt: Add vboxguest VMMDEV communication codeHans de Goede
2017-12-18virt: Add vboxguest driver for Virtual Box Guest integration UAPIHans de Goede
2017-12-18misc: ad525x_dpot: macros should not use a trailing semicolonDhaval Shah
2017-12-18misc: ad525x_dpot: please, no space before tabsDhaval Shah