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2008-06-18netlink: genl: fix circular lockingPatrick McHardy
2008-06-18Revert "mac80211: Use skb_header_cloned() on TX path."David S. Miller
2008-06-17af_unix: fix 'poll for write'/ connected DGRAM socketsRainer Weikusat
2008-06-17xfrm: fix fragmentation for ipv4 xfrm tunnelSteffen Klassert
2008-06-17netfilter: nf_conntrack_h323: fix module unload crashPatrick McHardy
2008-06-17netfilter: nf_conntrack_h323: fix memory leak in module initialization error ...Patrick McHardy
2008-06-17netfilter: nf_nat: fix RCU racesPatrick McHardy
2008-06-16atm: [br2864] fix routed vcmux supportEric Kinzie
2008-06-16atm: [br2684] Fix oops due to skb->dev being NULLJorge Boncompte [DTI2]
2008-06-16ipv4: Remove unused definitions in net/ipv4/tcp_ipv4.c.Rami Rosen
2008-06-16raw: Restore /proc/net/raw correct behaviorEric Dumazet
2008-06-16net: Fix test for VLAN TX checksum offload capabilityBen Hutchings
2008-06-16sctp: Correclty set changeover_active for SFR-CACCVlad Yasevich
2008-06-16sctp: Correctly cleanup procfs entries upon failure.Wei Yongjun
2008-06-16tcp: Revert reset of deferred accept changes in 2.6.26David S. Miller
2008-06-16ipv6 sit: Avoid extra need for compat layer in PRL management.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-06-16pkt_sched: Change HTB_HYSTERESIS to a runtime parameter htb_hysteresis.Jesper Dangaard Brouer
2008-06-16pkt_sched: HTB scheduler, change default hysteresis mode to off.Jesper Dangaard Brouer
2008-06-14Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller
2008-06-13mac80211: add missing new line in debug print HT_DEBUGTomas Winkler
2008-06-13mac80211 : fix for iwconfig in ad-hoc modeAbhijeet Kolekar
2008-06-13Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-06-12tcp: Revert 'process defer accept as established' changes.David S. Miller
2008-06-12ipv6: Fix duplicate initialization of rawv6_prot.destroyDavid S. Miller
2008-06-11Merge branch 'net-2.6-misc-20080611a' of git:// S. Miller
2008-06-11Merge branch 'master' of git:// S. Miller
2008-06-11netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix ctnetlink related crash in nf_nat_setup_info()Patrick McHardy
2008-06-11netfilter: Make nflog quiet when no one listen in userspace.Eric Leblond
2008-06-12ipv6: Fail with appropriate error code when setting not-applicable sockopt.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-06-12ipv6: Check IPV6_MULTICAST_LOOP option value.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-06-12ipv6: Check the hop limit setting in ancillary data.Shan Wei
2008-06-12ipv6 route: Fix route lifetime in netlink message.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-06-12ipv6 mcast: Check address family of gf_group in getsockopt(MS_FILTER).YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2008-06-11Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-06-11dccp: Bug in initial acknowledgment number assignmentGerrit Renker
2008-06-11dccp ccid-3: X truncated due to type conversionGerrit Renker
2008-06-11dccp ccid-3: TFRC reverse-lookup Bug-FixGerrit Renker
2008-06-11dccp ccid-2: Bug-Fix - Ack Vectors need to be ignored on request socketsGerrit Renker
2008-06-11dccp: Fix sparse warningsGerrit Renker
2008-06-11dccp ccid-3: Bug-Fix - Zero RTT is possibleGerrit Renker
2008-06-10net: Fix routing tables with id > 255 for legacy softwareKrzysztof Piotr Oledzki
2008-06-10ipsec: pfkey should ignore events when no listenersJamal Hadi Salim
2008-06-10inet{6}_request_sock: Init ->opt and ->pktopts in the constructorArnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2008-06-09ipv6 netns: init net is used to set bindv6only for new sockPavel Emelyanov
2008-06-09mac80211: Checking IBSS support while changing channel in ad-hoc modeAssaf Krauss
2008-06-09mac80211: decrease IBSS creation latencyDan Williams
2008-06-09mac80211: Fixing slow IBSS rejoinAssaf Krauss
2008-06-09mac80211: send association event on IBSS createDan Williams
2008-06-05asn1: additional sanity checking during BER decodingChris Wright
2008-06-04Merge git:// Torvalds