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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-02-26failslab: add ability to filter slab cachesDmitry Monakhov
2010-02-26early_res: Add free_early_partial()Yinghai Lu
2010-02-25Merge branches 'clks' and 'pnx' into develRussell King
2010-02-22memcg: fix oom killing a child process in an other cgroupKAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
2010-02-22x86: Fix non-bootmem compilation on PowerPCYinghai Lu
2010-02-21mm: Make copy_from_user() in migrate.c statically predictableH. Peter Anvin
2010-02-20MM: Pass a PTE pointer to update_mmu_cache() rather than the PTE itselfRussell King
2010-02-16Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller
2010-02-17percpu: add __percpu sparse annotations to core kernel subsystemsTejun Heo
2010-02-12sparsemem: Put mem map for one node together.Yinghai Lu
2010-02-12sparsemem: Put usemap for one node togetherYinghai Lu
2010-02-12x86: Make 64 bit use early_res instead of bootmem before slabYinghai Lu
2010-02-08Merge branch 'sh/dmaengine'Paul Mundt
2010-02-06Fix potential crash with sys_move_pagesLinus Torvalds
2010-02-05Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates'Paul Mundt
2010-02-02hugetlb: fix section mismatchesJeff Mahoney
2010-02-02mm: flush dcache before writing into page to avoid aliasanfei zhou
2010-02-02mm: purge fragmented percpu vmap blocksNick Piggin
2010-02-02mm: percpu-vmap fix RCU list walkingNick Piggin
2010-02-02Merge branch 'master' into percpuTejun Heo
2010-02-02Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates'Paul Mundt
2010-01-30slab: fix regression in touched logicNick Piggin
2010-01-29mm: fix migratetype bug which slowed swappingHugh Dickins
2010-01-27mm: add new 'read_cache_page_gfp()' helper functionLinus Torvalds
2010-01-23Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller
2010-01-22dma kmalloc handling fixesChristoph Lameter
2010-01-22slub: remove impossible conditionDavid Rientjes
2010-01-21vmalloc: remove BUG_ON due to racy counting of VM_LAZY_FREEYongseok Koh
2010-01-18Merge branch 'sh/stable-updates'Paul Mundt
2010-01-16page allocator: update NR_FREE_PAGES only when necessaryKOSAKI Motohiro
2010-01-16nommu: fix shared mmap after truncate shrinkage problemsDavid Howells
2010-01-16nommu: don't need get_unmapped_area() for NOMMUDavid Howells
2010-01-16nommu: remove a superfluous check of vm_region::vm_usageDavid Howells
2010-01-16nommu: struct vm_region's vm_usage count need not be atomicDavid Howells
2010-01-16memcg: ensure list is empty at rmdirDaisuke Nishimura
2010-01-16vmscan: kswapd: don't retry balance_pgdat() if all zones are unreclaimableKOSAKI Motohiro
2010-01-16mm/page_alloc: fix the range check for backward mergingKazuhisa Ichikawa
2010-01-15mm: export use_mm/unuse_mm to modulesMichael S. Tsirkin
2010-01-13vfs: Fix vmtruncate() regressionOGAWA Hirofumi
2010-01-13Merge branches 'sh/xstate', 'sh/hw-breakpoints' and 'sh/stable-updates'Paul Mundt
2010-01-11mm: hugetlb: fix clear_huge_page()Andrea Arcangeli
2010-01-11percpu: avoid calling __pcpu_ptr_to_addr(NULL)Andrew Morton
2010-01-11slab: initialize unused alien cache entry as NULL at alloc_alien_cache().Haicheng Li
2010-01-07maccess,probe_kernel: Allow arch specific override probe_kernel_(read|write)Jason Wessel
2010-01-06NOMMU: Use copy_*_user_page() in access_process_vm()Jie Zhang
2010-01-06NOMMU: Avoiding duplicate icache flushes of shared mapsMike Frysinger
2010-01-05this_cpu: Remove pageset_notifierChristoph Lameter
2010-01-05this_cpu: Page allocator conversionChristoph Lameter
2010-01-05sh: Drop down to a single quicklist.Paul Mundt
2010-01-05Merge branch 'master' into percpuTejun Heo