path: root/fs/jbd
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-08jbd: remove excess kernel-doc notationRandy Dunlap
2009-01-08jbd: improve fsync batchingJosef Bacik
2008-11-06jbd: don't give up looking for space so easily in __log_wait_for_spaceTheodore Ts'o
2008-10-30fs: remove excess kernel-docRandy Dunlap
2008-10-23jbd: abort instead of waiting for nonexistent transactionsDuane Griffin
2008-10-23jbd: test BH_Write_EIO to detect errors on metadata buffersHidehiro Kawai
2008-10-23jbd: fix error handling for checkpoint ioHidehiro Kawai
2008-10-20fs/Kconfig: move ext2, ext3, ext4, JBD, JBD2 outAlexey Dobriyan
2008-10-20jbd: ordered data integrity fixHidehiro Kawai
2008-10-20ext3: add an option to control error handling on file dataHidehiro Kawai
2008-10-20jbd: don't dirty original metadata buffer on abortHidehiro Kawai
2008-10-20jbd: abort when failed to log metadata buffersHidehiro Kawai
2008-08-12Merge branch 'core/locking' into core/urgentIngo Molnar
2008-08-11lockdep: rename map_[acquire|release]() => lock_map_[acquire|release]()Ingo Molnar
2008-08-11lockdep: map_acquirePeter Zijlstra
2008-08-04fs: rename buffer trylockNick Piggin
2008-08-04mm: rename page trylockNick Piggin
2008-07-25jbd: don't abort if flushing file data failedHidehiro Kawai
2008-07-25jbd: positively dispose the unmapped data buffers in journal_commit_transacti...Toshiyuki Okajima
2008-07-25jbd: unexport journal_update_superblockAdrian Bunk
2008-07-25jbd: fix race between free buffer and commit transactionMingming Cao
2008-07-25jbd: tidy up revoke cache initialisation and destructionDuane Griffin
2008-07-25jbd: eliminate duplicated code in revocation table init/destroy functionsDuane Griffin
2008-07-25jbd: replace potentially false assertion with if blockDuane Griffin
2008-05-14jbd: need to hold j_state_lock to updates to transaction t_state to T_COMMITMingming Cao
2008-04-28jbd: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrencesHarvey Harrison
2008-04-28jbd: fix possible journal overflow issuesJosef Bacik
2008-04-28jbd: fix the way the b_modified flag is clearedJosef Bacik
2008-03-30jbd/jbd2 NULL noiseAl Viro
2008-03-19fs: fix kernel-doc notation warningsRandy Dunlap
2008-03-19jbd: correctly unescape journal data blocksDuane Griffin
2008-03-19jbd: fix jbd kernel-doc notationRandy Dunlap
2008-03-03docbook: fix filesystems.tmpl source filesRandy Dunlap
2008-02-01[PATCH] jbd: Remove useless loop when writing commit recordJan Kara
2008-02-08ext3 can fail badly when device stops accepting BIO_RW_BARRIER requestsNeil Brown
2008-02-06make jbd/journal.c:__journal_abort_hard() staticAdrian Bunk
2008-02-06BKL-removal: remove incorrect comment refering to lock_kernel() from jbd/jbd2Andi Kleen
2008-01-30spinlock: lockbreak cleanupNick Piggin
2008-01-17jbd: do not try lock_acquire after handle made invalidJonas Bonn
2007-12-05jbd: Fix assertion failure in fs/jbd/checkpoint.cJan Kara
2007-10-19JBD: Fix JBD warnings when compiling with CONFIG_JBD_DEBUGJose R. Santos
2007-10-19jbd: fix commit code to properly abort journalJan Kara
2007-10-19jbd: config_jbd_debug cannot create /proc entryJose R. Santos
2007-10-19JBD/ext3 cleanups: convert to kzallocMingming Cao
2007-10-18sparse pointer use of zero as nullStephen Hemminger
2007-10-17JBD: replace jbd_kmalloc with kmalloc directlyMingming Cao
2007-10-17JBD: JBD slab allocation cleanupsMingming Cao
2007-10-16Group short-lived and reclaimable kernel allocationsMel Gorman
2007-10-11lockdep: annotate journal_start()Peter Zijlstra
2007-07-20mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().Paul Mundt