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+NCSA telnet doesn't work with path MTU discovery enabled. This is due to a
+bug in NCSA that also stops it working with other modern networking code
+such as Solaris.
+The following information is courtesy of
+Marek <>
+There is a fixed version somewhere on (sorry, I don't
+remember the exact pathname, and this site is very slow from here).
+It may or may not be faster for you to get it from
+(source is in I have tested it with 1.3.79 (with
+path mtu discovery enabled - ncsa 2.3.08 didn't work) and it seems
+to work. I don't know if anyone is working on this code - this
+version is over a year old. Too bad - it's faster and often more
+stable than these windoze telnets, and runs on almost anything...