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+* Documentation/filesystems/udf.txt
+UDF Filesystem version
+If you encounter problems with reading UDF discs using this driver,
+please report them to, which is the
+developer's list.
+Write support requires a block driver which supports writing. The current
+scsi and ide cdrom drivers do not support writing.
+The following mount options are supported:
+ gid= Set the default group.
+ umask= Set the default umask.
+ uid= Set the default user.
+ bs= Set the block size.
+ unhide Show otherwise hidden files.
+ undelete Show deleted files in lists.
+ adinicb Embed data in the inode (default)
+ noadinicb Don't embed data in the inode
+ shortad Use short ad's
+ longad Use long ad's (default)
+ nostrict Unset strict conformance
+ iocharset= Set the NLS character set
+The remaining are for debugging and disaster recovery:
+ novrs Skip volume sequence recognition
+The following expect a offset from 0.
+ session= Set the CDROM session (default= last session)
+ anchor= Override standard anchor location. (default= 256)
+ volume= Override the VolumeDesc location. (unused)
+ partition= Override the PartitionDesc location. (unused)
+ lastblock= Set the last block of the filesystem/
+The following expect a offset from the partition root.
+ fileset= Override the fileset block location. (unused)
+ rootdir= Override the root directory location. (unused)
+ WARNING: overriding the rootdir to a non-directory may
+ yield highly unpredictable results.
+For the latest version and toolset see:
+Documentation on UDF and ECMA 167 is available FREE from:
+Ben Fennema <>