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+Linux driver for STV0680 based USB cameras
+Copyright, 2001, Kevin Sisson
+STMicroelectronics produces the STV0680B chip, which comes in two
+types, -001 and -003. The -003 version allows the recording and downloading
+of sound clips from the camera, and allows a flash attachment. Otherwise,
+it uses the same commands as the -001 version. Both versions support a
+variety of SDRAM sizes and sensors, allowing for a maximum of 26 VGA or 20
+CIF pictures. The STV0680 supports either a serial or a usb interface, and
+video is possible through the usb interface.
+The following cameras are known to work with this driver, although any
+camera with Vendor/Product codes of 0553/0202 should work:
+Aiptek Pencam (various models)
+Nisis QuickPix 2
+Radio Shack 'Kid's digital camera' (#60-1207)
+At least one Trust Spycam model
+Several other European brand models
+- USB support
+- VIDEO4LINUX support
+More information about USB support for linux can be found at:
+When the driver is compiled as a module, you can set a "swapRGB=1"
+option, if necessary, for those applications that require it
+(such as xawtv). However, the driver should detect and set this
+automatically, so this option should not normally be used.
+The driver seems to work better with the usb-ohci than the usb-uhci host
+controller driver.
+The latest info on this driver can be found at:
+ or at
+Any questions to me can be send to: