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+ Information about Linux/PPC SMP mode
+This document and the related code was written by me
+(Cort Dougan, please email me if you have questions,
+comments or corrections.
+Last Change: 3.31.99
+If you want to help by writing code or testing different hardware please
+email me!
+1. State of Supported Hardware
+ PowerSurge Architecture - tested on UMAX s900, Apple 9600
+ The second processor on this machine boots up just fine and
+ enters its idle loop. Hopefully a completely working SMP kernel
+ on this machine will be done shortly.
+ The code makes the assumption of only two processors. The changes
+ necessary to work with any number would not be overly difficult but
+ I don't have any machines with >2 processors so it's not high on my
+ list of priorities. If anyone else would like do to the work email
+ me and I can point out the places that need changed. If you have >2
+ processors and don't want to add support yourself let me know and I
+ can take a look into it.
+ BeBox
+ BeBox support hasn't been added to the 2.1.X kernels from 2.0.X
+ but work is being done and SMP support for BeBox is in the works.
+ CHRP SMP works and is fairly solid. It's been tested on the IBM F50
+ with 4 processors for quite some time now.