AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-26Roadmap: replaced hardcoded 01.01.2015 with calculated valueHEADmasterMilosz Wasilewski
2014-05-20Increase jira sync frequency.Milo Casagrande
2014-04-01views.py: fixed roadmap start/end datesMilosz Wasilewski
2014-03-19Normalized Apache website configuration.Milo Casagrande
2014-03-19Update install steps.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Add new Jira status.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Fix UnicodeDecodeError.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Use encode instead of a lambda function.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Fix indentation problems.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Fix log file encoding.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-21Fixed ansible playbook and hosts.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-20New icons for upstreaming and closing-outMilosz Wasilewski
2014-02-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.linaro.org/infrastructure/roadmapMilo Casagrande
2014-02-19Updated ansible local_settings template.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-18Added filtering of invalid resolutionsMilosz Wasilewski
2014-02-17Try not to update existing user from Crowd.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-14Small change to Apache conf.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-13Updated cronjob.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-13Added support for 'upstream development' statusMilosz Wasilewski
2014-02-12Fixed Apache conf and permission.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-12Fixed typo, time zone, default path.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-11Updated ansible README.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-11Added new update playbook to update the code remotely.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-11Added new variable for git update.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-11Fixed cronjob task.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-11Reworked the common handlers.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-10Modified time line styles to match new roadmap coloursMilosz Wasilewski
2014-02-10Fixed problem with cronjob execution.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-10Added STS header in Apache conf.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-10Fixed settings problem.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-10Fixed configuration problem.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Updated ansible README.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Fixed secrets file.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Variuos fixes and updates.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Update ansible common task.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Updated Apache website configurations.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Updated hosts file with new variable.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Updated gitignore, renamed secrets file.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Added secrets file to the ignore list.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Fixed loggers setting.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-07Fixed ansible tasks.Milo Casagrande
2014-02-06Added more ignored files.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-27Added redirect URL after login when 'next' is missingMilosz Wasilewski
2014-01-27pull master from repoMilosz Wasilewski
2014-01-27Fixed bug 1272432.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-24Added roadmap_index view and matching URL.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-24Added ansible configuration to deploy roadmap.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-22Use correct git URL.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-22Made variables to None.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-22Fixed django-crowd path in requirements.Milo Casagrande