AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-02Small permission fix for repository ACL.ldapStevan Radaković
2013-04-02Fix user/group relation fetch.Stevan Radaković
2013-04-02Group name fix during group creation.Stevan Radaković
2013-04-02Yet another separator fix.Stevan Radaković
2013-04-02Fix rsplit usage.Stevan Radaković
2013-04-01Add support for change-repo-ownership script.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-28Add system group operations for repositories. Change ownership once group is ...Stevan Radaković
2013-03-28Change default behaviour for group and repository ACL.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-28Add user to group only if it's not default user.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-28Fix variable name typo.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-28Wrong index for rsplit fixed.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-27Change SystemCommand class location.Stevan Radaković
2013-03-27Introduce LDAP system based acl.Stevan Radaković
2013-02-13Merge branch 'master' into linaroMilo Casagrande
2013-01-24Commented mercurial support.Milo Casagrande
2013-01-23Removed py-bcrypt from pip installation.Milo Casagrande
2013-01-23Reworked the requirements section.Milo Casagrande
2013-01-23Readded celery dependency.Milo Casagrande
2013-01-23Reworked requirements section.Milo Casagrande
2013-01-21Added tag v1.5.2 for changeset efe23d6c178cMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-21merged with betav1.5.2Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-21fixed ip restriction tests when runned multiple times.Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-21merged with betaMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-20fixed bad merge on git fetch fixMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-20updated changelogMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19show comments from pull requests into associated changesetsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19set the status of changesets initially on pull request, and make sure we care...Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19added last_changeset information in get_repo API functionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19adde cleanup username flag into get_container_username functionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19added some more logging into get_container_username functionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-19updated polish translationsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-18implemented #725 Pull Request View - Show origin repo URLMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-18added my gist script for another detailed installation instructionsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-18whitespace cleanupMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-18fixed issue with displaying repos in groups view (without lightweight dashboa...Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-18remove log.exception callMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-16fixes issue #702 API methods without arguments fail when "args":nullMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-15Enable all Markdown Extra in Python markdown library.xpol
2013-01-14API methods create_repo, fork_repo, delete_repo, get_repo, get_reposMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-13API method get_user can be executed by non-admin users ref #539Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-13Implemented API calls for non-admin users for locking/unlocking repositoriesMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-13fixed issue #719 Journal revision ID tooltip AJAX query path is incorrect whe...Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-10fixes issue #658, my account edit was missing this functionalityMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-10revert pdb trace on error testsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-10fixed fetch command for git repos, now it properly fetches from remotesMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-10fixes issue #715 Meta-Tagging [requires => Repo-123] not workingMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-09fixes issues with groups paginatorMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-09Use common function for generation of grid dataMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-08fix multiple ips addresses in X_FORWARDER_FOR headerMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-08fixed issues with getting repos by path on windowsMarcin Kuzminski