AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-05Added full last changeset info to lightweight dashboarddevMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-04Full IP restrictions enabledMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-04nicer representation of list of rescanned repositoriesMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-03diff view: don't mix css classes for new and old line numbersMads Kiilerich
2013-01-03compare: more helpful error messages when a repo wasn't foundMads Kiilerich
2013-01-03admin settings: show numbers in rescan flash message instead of python listsMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02access control: fix owner checks - they were always trueMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02admin, email test: fix test for test_email recipientsMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02email: fail nicely when no SMTP server has been configuredMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02html templates: escape '>' as '>'Mads Kiilerich
2012-12-13logging: include more info in grant/deny log entriesMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02logging: clarify logging of db loggingMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02logging: include more info in action loggingMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02logging: make 'Creating a cache key for...' more readableMads Kiilerich
2013-01-02logging: make 'settings ui from db' look more like Mercurial ini file notationMads Kiilerich
2013-01-03fixed bad date calculationsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-03added integration tests for IP restriction optionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-02bumped mercurial versionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-01-02Merged translation from pullrequest #92Marcin Kuzminski
2013-01-02Update japanese translationTakumi IINO
2012-12-31add ipaddresses to repo data on API callsMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-31added API method for checking IPMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-30Added UserIpMap interface for allowed IP addresses and IP restriction accessMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-20fixed issue with padding fix breaks history on firefoxMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-19fixes #693 Opening changeset from pull request failsMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-19#699: fix missing fork docs for APIMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-19fixes #691: Notifications for pull requests: move link to pull request to the...Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-19fix small issue with anchor autolinksMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-19fixes #687 Lazy loaded tooltip bug with simultaneous ajax requestsMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-18made update repoinfo script more failsafe when dealing with database entries ...Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-18updated contributorsMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-18Recreate the pull request URL each time a checkbox is checkedDan Sheridan
2012-12-17Default parameters are now also used for creating repos using API calls, and ...Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-15version bumpMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14i18n updateMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14- #683 fixed difference between messages about not mapped repositoriesMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14i18n updatesMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14fixes #682 Translation difficult for multi-line textMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14changelog updateMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14remove reviewers button removes them without need of hitting save button.Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14fixed labels in reviewers listMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14Implemented #670 Implementation of Roles in Pull RequestMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14implements #677: Don't allow to close pull requests when they are under-revie...Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14fixed changeset status labels, they now select radio buttonsMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-14default permissions can get duplicated after migration from 1.4.X. check and ...Marcin Kuzminski
2012-12-13version bumpMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-13fixed issue with passing IP address to log action logger for gitMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-13switch to defaultdict for counter implementationMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-13move tests temp folders to special prefixMarcin Kuzminski
2012-12-12fixed issue #644 When a user is both in read and write group, the permission ...Marcin Kuzminski