AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-17fix required repo_type param on repo edit formHEADmasterMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Repo type can't be changed. Fixes issue 836Simon Lopez
2013-05-12bumped version in stable branchMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Added tag v1.6.0 for changeset 78b53ee0d247Marcin Kuzminski
2013-05-12Version bump and updated changelog for 1.6.0 final releaseMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-11fixed VCS tests after executable big issue was fixedMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-10fixed issue with web-editor that didn't preserve executable bitMarcin Kuzminski
2013-05-02backported redirection loop fix from beta ref: 222e9432298eMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-27fix broken handling of adding an htsts.Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-26fixed some unicode problems with git file pathMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-09make the permission update function idempotentMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-05#819 review status is showed in the main changelogMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-15added missing perms check on history callMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-13usage of request.GET is now more consistentMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-12can update context var needs to be defined in __load_defaultsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-09#818: Bookmarks Do Not Display on Changeset ViewMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-07Added tag v1.6.0rc1 for changeset c15d7b336af5Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-07freeze schema for 1.6 + fixed migration from version 1.4.X+Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-07fixed docstring on cleanup commandMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-07merge with rc1Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-07version bump + changelogMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-06update japanese translationTakumi IINO
2013-04-05update i18nMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-05bumed mercurial versionMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed my account page tabsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04small ui fixes for pr pageMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04pagination in pull-requests page + UIMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04revert name change broken in 28305020a4ed127e8aca2f1a10e30d902efb6238Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed ldap tests when ldap lib is installedMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed broken flash testMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04hooks: make_lock is tristateMads Kiilerich
2013-04-04setup_rhodecode: fix --force-no - force_ask is tri-stateMads Kiilerich
2013-04-04flags are ugly bullets are niceMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed multiple IP addresses in each of extracted IP.Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fix flash link to repos that are in groupsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04update footer instance id and copyrightsMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed sort of permissions summary it's now perm+nameMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04use placeholders in qfilter, not the ugly JS logicMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04swap repo-size with settings in summary. It somehowMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04ishell paster commandMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-03update_repoinfo: fix invalidationMads Kiilerich
2013-04-04reduce the size of repo in contextbar, it was too big and looked awkward.Marcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed dead links for non-admin usersMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-04fixed admin link for creating repos, and refactored the routes nameMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-03usermenuMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-03user menu: remove Journal link - it is already in the top menuMads Kiilerich
2013-04-03codecleanerMarcin Kuzminski
2013-04-03summary: redirect from repo URLs with #branchname to changelog with this branchMads Kiilerich
2013-04-03Fix a lot of casings - use standard casing in most placesMads Kiilerich
2013-04-03Fix 'repos group' - it is 'repository group'Mads Kiilerich