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+Rhodecode Setup
+SSH Keys and access to public repos
+The main goal is to have the same ACL when connecting to our git server
+via SSH protocol as the one over the Rhodecode web interface.
+All the user/group restrictions must apply as well for both read/write
+To manage this, all the groups and users from the Rhodecode database must
+be mirrored and synced with system users and groups.
+Couple of potential problems were observed and discussed.
+Rhodecode system user
+The Rhodecode app uses the 'rhodecode' system user for all git and mercurial
+interactions so this user must have read/write access over all repositories.
+Easiest way to do this and not intefere with other permissions is to have
+all repository directories user ownership given to this user.
+Group ownerships will be used to control SSH user/group ACL.
+The question is does having a user which can access all repositories
+present a security threat?
+For one, we can disable shell access after installation for this user as well.
+See section on "Disabling shell access for git SSH users".
+Nested groups
+Since Rhodecode supports nested groups and the need for them will most
+likely be present, there are couple of ways to mimic this feature with the
+system groups. Both ways include some form of synchronization between
+Rhodecode users/groups with the systems' one.
+First solution assume that all users and groups on Rhodecode reflects those on
+the system. It includes having the sync script assign particular system user
+not only to the group which he is assigned to in Rhodecode, but to all
+*parent* groups of this particular group.
+Second solution includes having all the users from the Rhodecode synced in the
+system as well, but not all of the groups. Group will exist in the system only
+and only if it is the *mother* group (meaning it has no parent) and it has at
+least one user belonging to either that group or any child group.
+Disabling shell access for git SSH users
+In order for users to have access to git using SSH keys for public repositories
+the idea provide them with limited access to git+ssh protocol.
+SSH keys will be picked up by Rhodecode from LDAP service.
+Users will be deprived of shell access to the system by enabling git-shell for
+each user via the .ssh/authorized_keys file.
+ command="git-shell -c $SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND" ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC***...***
+For more info on git-shell and what commands it supports please refer to the
+manual. \ No newline at end of file