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Added more section to INSTALL, tweaked production.ini file.
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@@ -269,6 +269,49 @@ Configuration
All RhodeCode configuration, like creating groups and modifying some of its
setting, happens from the web interface when logged in as the admin user.
+User Permissions
+Under admin → permissions it is possible to:
+ * Disable anonymous access: only user with user name and password will be able
+ to browse the web site.
+ * Disable user registration: restrict access only to Linaro account holders.
+User Groups and Repository Groups
+Repository groups are mapped to directories on the file system under the directory
+storing git repositories. Keeping everything as it is now on git.linaro.org
+we will have "automatic" repository groups.
+Be default, users will only be able to read the repositories under a repository
+gorup. In order to set write permissions for a repository group:
+ * Under admin → user groups, create a new user group
+ * Once created, click on its name to open the preferences
+ * From 'Available members' choose the members to include in the group, and save
+ * Move in admin → repositories groups
+ * Select the goup that holds the repositories to give special permission
+ * Click 'Add another member', type the name of the user group (it should
+ autocomplete), and set the permission.
+Repositories Defaults
+Under admin → defaults it is possible to set global repositories default values.
+ * Private repository: if repositories, by default are private
+ * Enable statistics: useful to see commit statistics
+Known Problems
+ * With RhodeCode v1.5.1 there is a known problem with the dashboard not showing
+ more than 5 groups. Issue: http://goo.gl/WJ7f7
+ A workaround is to enable the 'Use lightweight dashboard' option in
+ admin → settings
RhodeCode Staging Instance
@@ -300,6 +343,22 @@ To clone all git.linaro.org repositories:
--checkout-dir /opt/rhodecode/git_repos --user rhodecode
The script will mirror the repositories maintaining their directory structures.
+In order for RhodeCode to pick up the newly added respositories, it is necessary
+to trigger RhodeCode for a directory re-scan. To do so, the command used before
+will look like:
+ python scripts/mirror-repos --repos-list config/git_repos.txt \
+ --checkout-dir /opt/rhodecode/git_repos --user rhodecode --rescan-repos \
+ --api-key $ADMIN_API_KEY
+Where $ADMIN_API_KEY is found in the RhodeCode 'admin' user web profile. The
+script will mirror the repositories maintaining their directory structures.
To update the repositories, as a cron job for the 'rhodecode' user, run:
python scripts/update-repos --repos-dir /opt/rhodecode/git_repos
+If set up as root, use:
+ python scripts/update-repos --repos-dir /opt/rhodecode/git_repos \
+ --user rhodecode
diff --git a/config/production.ini b/config/production.ini
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--- a/config/production.ini
+++ b/config/production.ini
@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ pdebug = false
#error_email_from = paste_error@localhost
#app_email_from = rhodecode-noreply@localhost
#error_message =
-#email_prefix = [RhodeCode]
+email_prefix = [RhodeCode]
-#smtp_server = mail.server.com
+smtp_server = localhost
#smtp_username =
#smtp_password =
#smtp_port =