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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-04update_commited_patches: Add support for Team/Group creditsBen Copeland
2017-01-13oops: import needs to be before patchwork stuffAndy Doan
2016-12-12patchwork-tools: Fix pep8 E402 import errorsRiku Voipio
2016-04-06discard giant patchesAndy Doan
2016-01-20Ensure only one instance of update_commited_patches runs at a timeAndy Doan
2015-11-18Don't give up after a single project failure in update_committed_patchesAndy Doan
2015-10-09Projects can have scm_urls that are simply blank and not nullAndy Doan
2015-07-15make update_patches smarterAndy Doan
2015-07-15add more fine-grained handling of update-committed-patchesAndy Doan
2015-07-15change git-repo to return "commit" objects from dulwichAndy Doan
2015-07-07create a more sane way to manage logging options from CLIAndy Doan
2015-07-07update_commited_patches: add a dryrun modeAndy Doan
2015-07-07move repository logic to its own moduleAndy Doan
2015-06-18make update_committed_patches handle history rewritesAndy Doan
2015-03-26fix bug with superseded patchesAndy Doan
2015-01-14add a script to update commited patchesAndy Doan