path: root/settings_production.py
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-05enable cache on production serversAndy Doan
2016-03-08allowed_hosts: allow llp code to use a hosts fileBen Copeland
2016-03-02django 1.8: fix ALLOWED_HOSTS logicAndy Doan
2016-01-27django-uploads: update the settings file to use the new locationBen Copeland
2015-11-30reports: Add management command to fill in ip2location dataAndy Doan
2015-09-01allow "secrets.py" support for local private settingsAndy Doan
2015-02-05allow customization of page stylingAndy Doan
2015-01-07add production version of wsgi and settingsAndy Doan