AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-26expire-builds.groovy: Typo fix in comment.HEADmasterPaul Sokolovsky
2015-08-06mangle-jobs: Fix header's nested HTML elements.Daniel Díaz
2015-06-01Migrated jenkins-config to dev-privateMatt Hart
2015-02-24Add "commit-users" command.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-16Remove "new-publish" prototype, superseded by Publishing API.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-09mangle-jobs: Eleborate list of files to publish with new API.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-08mangle-jobs: pubapi: Publish all lava-job-info* files.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-08mangle-jobs: pubapi: Publish tar.* files.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-07mangle-jobs: Pub API: tweak linaro-cp options.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-07Implement --filter-jobname for local dir processing.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-07mangle-jobs: Implement --limit for local dir processing.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-07mangle-jobs: Update file filters for new publishing API.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-04mangle-jobs: Changes to migrate android-build to new publishing API.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-28git-backup: Better error handling.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-20ansible: Migrate to Sokolovsky
2014-10-17new-publish: Workaround issues with access.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-09-29ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-09-11ansible: update static analysis plugin to 1.59Fathi Boudra
2014-09-11ansible: add docker pluginFathi Boudra
2014-09-10ansible: remove build pipeline pluginFathi Boudra
2014-09-10jenkins_plugins: re-order the plugins listFathi Boudra
2014-09-06git-backup: Bash is required for script.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-09-06ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-09-05ansible: upgrade Jenkins to 1.565.2 LTSFathi Boudra
2014-08-28ansible: Add "jenkins-install" tag to theme install tasks.Paul Sokolovsky Fix typo in message.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-20ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-08-19ansible: Run cronjobs from "jenkins" user.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-19ansible: Update Vagrant for Ununtu Trusty, elaborate instructions.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-19ansible: Typo fix in comment.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-19ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-08-15ansible: ensure linaro theme is enabledAndy Doan
2014-08-14ansible: Credentials are now in shared-credentials repo (update symlink).Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-12git-backup: Allow to spcify SSH username to login under.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-09ansible: add Matrix Project plugin 1.3Fathi Boudra
2014-08-09Merge "ansible: upgrade Jenkins to 1.565.1 LTS"Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-08ansible: update mailer plugin to 1.10Fathi Boudra
2014-08-04ansible: updated git plugin to 2.2.4Fathi Boudra
2014-08-02ansible: upgrade Jenkins to 1.565.1 LTSFathi Boudra
2014-08-02ansible: update Jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-07-23new-publish: Clean uploads after 30 mins instead of 1 hour.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-22ansible: update copyartifact plugin to 1.31 releaseFathi Boudra
2014-07-18ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-07-15ansible: frontend: Add git tag.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-15ansible: add job configuration history plugin 2.6Fathi Boudra
2014-07-15ansible: update jenkins plugins to latest releaseFathi Boudra
2014-07-11git-backup: Add "log" command.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-11ansible: Clarify some task names.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-10new-publish: Clean up tmp upload area more eagerly.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-10ansible: Install cronjobs related to android-build.Paul Sokolovsky