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@@ -12,8 +12,33 @@ Deploy or Update Linaro Bugzilla
To apply the ansible playbook:
cd ansible/
- ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yml -K -u REMOTE_USER
+ ansible-playbook -i hosts site.yml -K -u REMOTE_USER -e "@secrets.yml"
If the REMOTE_USER is a password-less sudo user, remove the `-K` option.
If you do not specify the `-u` option, the actual user name will be used
to connect to the remote server.
+The `-e "@secrets.yml"` option is needed to pass secrets to the configuration.
+`secrets.yml` must be the absolute path to a YAML file that defines the following
+ db_pass
+ site_wide_secret
+There is only one task that requires those variables, and it is possible to
+skip it using:
+ --skip-tags=secrets
+At the end of the playbook execution it is necessary to manually run a command
+on the remote server. Unfortunately, the command requires user input and it
+is not possible to automate that via ansible. The command that needs to be run
+is located in the installation directory and is:
+ ./checksetup.pl
+ * The command that creates the documentation, is run only once. If you update
+ the code, it is necessary to manually run the command again on the server.