AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-04GerritMirror: remove prune from pushHEADmasterKelley Spoon
2018-05-31GerritMirror: add prune options to fetch and pushKelley Spoon
2017-04-04cron-runner: Add umask ruleBen Copeland
2016-05-19git-gerrit-mirror: --name option to gerrit create-project removed in 2.12.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-18git-gerrit-mirror: Create projects locally only for local repo_root.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-07git-gerrit-mirror: Allow to pick manifest from a mirrored repo.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-06git-gerrit-mirror: Make "create" command work for "repo_root" destination.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-04-06git-gerrit-mirror: Allow to create more than one mirror of the same host.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-11-12oops: fix last changeAndy Doan
2015-11-12fix grokmirror logic when mirror name and local name differAndy Doan
2015-10-08mirror.conf.sample: Add warnings against bypassing Gerrit for mirror pushes.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-06-02allow repo to be read-only in productionAndy Doan
2015-06-02pep8/pyflakes - fix line too long issues and remove an unused variableAndy Doan
2015-06-02fix easiest pep8 spacing complaintsAndy Doan
2015-04-27detect errors in create logicAndy Doan
2015-04-16use full path to grok-manifestAndy Doan
2015-04-06enable optional support of grokmirrorAndy Doan
2014-11-22When pushing mirror changes locally, disable gitolite hooks.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-09Don't show progress indicator on push unless --debug.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-08Add missing comment marker in sample config.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-08Remove host-specific dir, now config is handled by ansible.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-08Rename mirror.conf and crontab to *.sample.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-08Move cron wrapper scripts to top level, as they're not host-specific any more.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-08Add --limit= option to limit number of projects processed per run.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-09-29Elaborate handling of tree URLs with paths.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-21Make sure that literal projects can augment list got from $manifest, etc.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-20Add config examples for $manifest and wildcard mapping features.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-20Add support for wildcard project mapping specification.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-08-20Introduce $manifest per-host config option, deprecare --manifest cmdline opt.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-04-23Add new repositories to be mirrored.Milo Casagrande
2014-03-17Comment out unreachable repositories.Milo Casagrande
2014-03-13Update mirror directory.Milo Casagrande
2014-01-17Time each individual push operation, to debug push hangs we have.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-17Kill timeout subprocess when main is done.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-16Add cronjob run timeout (2hr).Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-16Add .gitreview.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-08[lp:1264277] Mirror people/jesse.barker/glmark2Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15Update for --gitweb-list= refactored to per-upstream config setting.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15Add per-usptream project_list param to get project list via URL.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15lp:1251673: Refactor external data caching.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15lp:1190181: Mirror https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/rostedt/trace...Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15Improve logging.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-11-15Make warning message more clear.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-16Add --quiet option and use it in our cronjob to avoid useless warnings.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-28lp:1216818 Mirror production PMWG repos.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-13Be sure to clone new non-AOSP projects too.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-13Allow to disable Gerrit SSH access and do that for android-review.googlesour...Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-12Adding 3 git.linaro.org mirrors.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-12adding 3 upstream mirrorsBen Copeland
2013-05-28Switch to use complete AOSP project list from gitweb.Paul Sokolovsky