AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-09Update main table to reflect latest buildsHEADmasterVishal Bhoj
2014-07-31bug #295 - fix logged-in status for new builds pageAndy Doan
2014-07-31pep8 fixesAndy Doan
2014-07-16Add "projectara-software-dev" group to fixtures.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-14Switch order of jobs vs tables processing when categorizing jobs.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-11Datatables load-in: log various stages, use async processing for filling.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-01Fix regex for parsing Jenkins API values.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-07-01buildDetails.js: Add logging on base64 decoding error.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-06-30Log Jenkins error response in full.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-06-30Update repo for django-crowd-rest-backend.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-06-30No indication that django-piston is actually used.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-16Add .gitreview.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-15Add debug logging in case of error.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-15Jenkins migrated to port 8080.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-01-15Format of artifact list changed, it's now properties mapping, not raw name.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-09-18Re-add --system-site-packages for sandbox again, hopefully in safe manner.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-30Add notes on deploying new fixture data on production.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-30Fix JSON syntax (missing commas).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-08-30Fixed virtualenv command line option.Milo Casagrande
2013-08-30Added Fujitsu member tab.Milo Casagrande
2013-08-23Added necessary initial data.Milo Casagrande
2013-08-23Added JavaScript tab functions.Milo Casagrande
2013-08-23Added Fujitsu member tab.Milo Casagrande
2013-08-09Updated links to 13.07.Vishal Bhoj
2013-07-31Clean up the tables on the main page:Vishal Bhoj
2013-07-10Update manage module path.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Reinstate run() function (used as setup.py entrypoint).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-10Use available system packages.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Workaround unicode string.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Factor out get_username() call, convert one missing usage (edit/delete job).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Add (disabled by default) support for serving static files with runserver.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Add CSRF crumb support for API calls.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Jenkins 1.500.2 is strict about /api/json?tree= to use GET.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Fix typo in python-openid package name.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01lp:1196514 Add a Django app to increase login field length.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-01Add more requirements to run in virtualenv.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-27Strip "@linaro.org" when passing username to JavaScript.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-27Strip "@linaro.org" from username when creating job prefix.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-27Strip "@linaro.org" from username when creating job prefix.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-26Time to say bye to ancient Django 1.2.3.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-26Add Atlassian Crowd auth backend support.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-24Hide files based on pattrerns from the downloads listGeorgy Redkozubov
2013-06-24Made patternInName function reusable.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-06-24Hide files based on pattrerns from the downloads listGeorgy Redkozubov
2013-06-20[merge] Switch to new vexpress buildGeorgy Redkozubov
2013-06-20Fix the renaming of vexpress buildVishal Bhoj
2013-06-20Switch to new vexpress buildVishal Bhoj
2013-06-17Depend on django-crowd-rest-backend-linaro.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-14Add Crowd support and configuration.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-14Remove debug print.Paul Sokolovsky