Linaro Android Build Service Frontend

This Django project provides a frontend to Jenkins that allows a friendly
interface for building Android.

Before starting you will want to run make to set up a python virtual
environment, then set up the django databases:

$ make
$ ./bin/manage syncdb

The frontend is designed to be run at / behind an Apache that also proxies to a
jenkins install at /jenkins.  If you want to run locally without the bother of
setting up a local Apache site, you can use the 'site-demo.tac' twistd file.

$ twistd -noy site-demo.tac

in one terminal and 

$ ./bin/manage runserver

in another and go to localhost:10101 in a browser.  You may need to adjust the
ports to match your local installs.

This code is distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License Version

Deploying new fixture data on production

sudo service apache2 stop
sudo -H -u build-system-frontend bash
cd frontend
. .virtualenv/bin/activate
./manage.py loaddata --settings=settings_prod initial_data.json
sudo service apache2 start