AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-13post-build-lava: Recognize Nexus 5X.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-13post-build-lava: Fix cache partition flashing.Daniel Díaz
2015-11-13post-build-lava: add cache partition support for flashingVishal Bhoj
2015-10-09Generate md5sum for sdcard image as wellVishal Bhoj
2015-09-24Allow git history to be lost while doing a repo syncVishal Bhoj
2015-08-25Fix export error when use multiple patchset files.Yongqin Liu
2015-07-27create-user-build-script: update the url for repoYongqin Liu
2015-07-23post-build-lava.py: add support for submitting jobs for Nexus9Yongqin Liu
2015-07-20node/build: Follow redirects when downloading repo tool.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-07-20Merge "Fix repo URL"Paul Sokolovsky
2015-07-20Fix repo URLVishal Bhoj
2015-06-22Merge "add apm lava support"Matt Hart
2015-06-22add apm lava supportVishal Bhoj
2015-06-19fix the problem when SOURCE_OVERLAY not specified.Yongqin Liu
2015-06-17Merge "lamc: map fvp device to vexpress since that is what we use for fvp"Paul Sokolovsky
2015-06-17lamc: map fvp device to vexpress since that is what we use for fvpVishal Bhoj
2015-06-16Merge "remove shallow cloning as we can't do cherry-pick in this case"Paul Sokolovsky
2015-06-16remove shallow cloning as we can't do cherry-pick in this caseVishal Bhoj
2015-06-09Merge "fix repo seed dir"Andy Doan
2015-06-09fix repo seed dirVishal Bhoj
2015-06-09Merge "Add repo seed directory to save space and download time on VPS buildsl...Paul Sokolovsky
2015-06-08Add repo seed directory to save space and download time on VPS buildslaveVishal Bhoj
2015-06-01create-user-build-script: copy the source overlay package to the rootYongqin Liu
2015-04-29Update premerge-ci configs for gerrit triggersVishal Bhoj
2015-04-22Add nexus10 in device map for lava submissionVishal Bhoj
2015-04-08Switch to official build-config repoVishal Bhoj
2015-04-07Fix if condition for patchset-created caseVishal Bhoj
2015-03-31Switch support to gerrit trigger pluginVishal Bhoj
2015-03-19Avoid cloning android-patchsets since they are part of manifestVishal Bhoj
2015-03-18Add support to apply patchset in linaro_android_build_cmds.shVishal Bhoj
2015-02-24Map TI Vayu platform to device type listVishal Bhoj
2014-12-26Enable ccache support on VPSVishal Bhoj
2014-12-10Add support for local manifest, fix issue with pinned-manifest build and few ...Vishal Bhoj
2014-12-10Create uImage from vexpress kernelHariGopal Gollamudi
2014-12-05fix image creation for junoVishal Bhoj
2014-12-03prepare_build_config.py: Use reliable (external) way to check for EC2.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-12-03Add support to build on VPSVishal Bhoj
2014-11-25Merge "Add git config so that we can apply patch"Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-25Add git config so that we can apply patchVishal Bhoj
2014-11-20Merge "Add support for fvp build type"Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-20Add support for fvp build typeVishal Bhoj
2014-11-19Use distinct name for SSH wrapper script, to avoid its pickup as real SSH.restr-fixPaul Sokolovsky
2014-11-19Use new location off ssh wrapper script.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-14setup-build-android: Disable ubuntu repos S3 workaround.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-14setup-build-android: Move away more old packages.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-14setup-build-android: Update package list for Ubuntu 14.04.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-14After switch to Oracle JDK, set java-6-oracle as default (instead of *-sun).Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-14setup-build-android: Install Oracle Java6 package instead of Sun ones.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-11-13Add support to specify branch name for local_manifestsVishal Bhoj
2014-11-12skip publishing descriptionsVishal Bhoj