AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysbuild-android: remove the setting on WITH_HOST_DALVIKHEADmasterYongqin Liu
2018-05-18build-scripts: don't remove content of buildVishal Bhoj
2018-05-18build-scripts: don't delete target folderVishal Bhoj
2018-04-15android-clang-toolchain: adjust to current clang-master build changesBernhard Rosenkränzer
2018-03-16build-android: don't complain about missing overlayVishal Bhoj
2018-02-21Update for aosp master build with clang masterMinSeong Kim
2018-02-21Update for aosp master build with clang masterMinSeong Kim
2017-12-21build-scripts/helpers: generate source-manifest.xml to include all projectsYongqin Liu
2017-11-27Update for aosp master build with clang masterMinSeong Kim
2017-10-18Update for aosp master build with clang masterLinaro CI
2017-09-12disable ccache as we cleanup sources after build nowVishal Bhoj
2017-06-19build-android: use system.img if system.tar.bz2 not existYongqin Liu
2017-03-27build-android: fix clang toolchain locationVishal Bhoj
2017-03-27build-android: fix clang based buildVishal Bhoj
2017-03-08handle redirecting urlsVishal Bhoj
2017-02-21repo sync after a manifest is patchedVishal Bhoj
2017-02-17create-user-build-script: export TARGET_USES_MKE2FSYongqin Liu
2017-02-16create-user-build-script: update for x15 buildYongqin Liu
2017-02-09build-android: handle patch to local_manifest in private repoVishal Bhoj
2017-02-01Remove manifest as wellVishal Bhoj
2016-12-14fix repo tool url due to cgit changesVishal Bhoj
2016-11-26handle patches from private gerrit instanceVishal Bhoj
2016-11-23create-user-build-script: export environment TARGET_SYSTEMIMAGES_USE_SQUASHFSYongqin Liu
2016-11-16build-android: support for external clang toolchainVishal Bhoj
2016-11-16Revert "build-android: support for external clang toolchain"Vishal Bhoj
2016-11-16build-android: support for external clang toolchainVishal Bhoj
2016-11-10fix typoVishal Bhoj
2016-11-10gerrit trigger: handle changes to android-build-configsVishal Bhoj
2016-11-10fix typoVishal Bhoj
2016-11-09improve premerge testing of patchesVishal Bhoj
2016-09-15disable showcommands by defaultVishal Bhoj
2016-07-26fix build_config.jsonVishal Bhoj
2016-07-12create-user-build-script: export TARGET_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE and USE_CLANG_PLATF...Yongqin Liu
2016-07-08build-android: fix a problem for Changelog captureYongqin Liu
2016-07-08create-user-build-script: fix problem for mirror supportYongqin Liu
2016-07-07Capture the changelogVishal Bhoj
2016-07-07create-user-build-script: add dependency packagesYongqin Liu
2016-07-07create-user-build-script: add support for using AOSP mirrorYongqin Liu
2016-07-07create-user-build-script: clean environmen variables exportYongqin Liu
2016-07-07create-user-build-script: add showcommands and redirect make logYongqin Liu
2016-06-14remove local_manifest before repo initVishal Bhoj
2016-05-24update script to generate build script for latest ubuntu versionsVishal Bhoj
2016-04-18disable slave type checkVishal Bhoj
2016-03-30create-user-build-script: fix problem when pinned-manifest.xml specifiedYongqin Liu
2016-03-22build-android: Improve the way to find kernel source repositoryVishal Bhoj
2016-02-27build-android: robust method to find all dtbsVishal Bhoj
2016-02-26fix build_config.json creationVishal Bhoj
2016-02-24To store needed values in build_config.json and publish it to snapshotsArthur She
2015-11-18reuse the out dir if presentVishal Bhoj
2015-11-13post-build-lava: replace download url supportVishal Bhoj