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masterMake own class for publishing params, and replace them on each invocation.Paul Sokolovsky3 years
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2015-10-23Make own class for publishing params, and replace them on each invocation.HEADmasterPaul Sokolovsky
2015-10-23Set both parameters in a single ParametersAction.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-05-11Change default credentials ID to "snapshots.linaro.org".Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-24Allow to select target publishing server - via Jenkins Credentials subsys.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-10README.txt: More notes on hwo to build a project.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-07Release 1.1.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-07README: Add reference to Jenkins docs on build steps plugins.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-04-07Fix issue when build step is not availabel in WebUI for Matrix builds.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-03-26Add README, providing basic facts and deployment instructions.Paul Sokolovsky
2014-10-29Release version 1.0.Paul Sokolovsky