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Add explicit ref to man gpg for specifying recipients.
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@@ -31,9 +31,10 @@ New repository
1. git init
2. Create ".recipients" file listing key names of persons who may access
encrypted files in the repository. These may be either key IDs or
-substrings of user IDs (e.g., emails). Note that corresponding keys must
-be already present in your keyring (TODO: add convenience command to import
-keys from keyserver).
+substrings of user IDs (e.g., emails). See "How to specify a user ID" in
+man gpg for more details. Note that corresponding keys must be already
+present in your keyring (TODO: add convenience command to import keys from
3. git gpgcrypt init
4. Review .gitattributes file for file encryption settings (it's not required
to encrypt all files; in particular, default .gitattributes makes README and