AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-08-21Do staff/superuser flag manipulation only if correspodning optiosn are set.HEADmasterPaul Sokolovsky
2013-08-06Add support for group mapping, similar to supported by django-openid-backend.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-07-09Don't bother to use is_crowd_user.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-14Lower required Django version.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Add AUTH_CROWD_CREATE_GROUPS setting to control auto group creation.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Add setup script.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Get rid of CrowdSettings aux class.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Not only set, but also reset staff/superuser flags. Also, don't mix them.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Query nested groups from Crowd, not just top-level.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Support syncing user groups from Crowd (AUTH_CROWD_ALWAYS_UPDATE_GROUPS).Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Don't use dangerous defaults for security parameters.Paul Sokolovsky
2013-06-12Fix line-endings (CRLF -> LF).Paul Sokolovsky
2012-10-08Invalidate opener if connection to crowd server fails ( e.g. due to invalid H...Unknown
2012-03-27Don't throw exception when authenticating when Crowd user is marked inactive.Unknown
2012-03-27Added Django command to test user authentification via Crowd.Unknown
2012-03-27Check user active flag in returned data from Crowd authentification.Unknown
2012-03-23Format readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Format readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Format readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Inserted configuration example to readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Changed logging output of backend.Unknown
2012-03-23Fix typo in readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Add www links to readme.Unknown
2012-03-23Renaming readme file.Unknown
2012-03-23Adding initial set of files.Unknown