Yet Another Docker Plugin config builder

Yet Another Docker Plugib (yadp) is extremely hard to manage, when running multiple slaves with multiple images. Due to the way Jenkins displays the configuration page. YADP provides a groovy script which builds a json array to populate the config in Jenkins.

This script uses yaml and jinja2 to generate a java jsonarray to build the configuration, using a !include constructor in the yaml file, allowing the ability to template up docker_images, since many of our slaves run the same image, it lessens repetition.



List your jenkin_slaves here

- host1:
  cloud_name: host1.example.org
  docker-url: tcp://
  docker_templates: !include external_template_file.yml

- host2:
  cloud_name: host2
  docker-url: tcp://
    - xenial-amd64:
      docker_image_name: 'ubuntu:latest'
      max_instances: '1'
      labels: 'docker-ubuntu'