AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursFilebeat: force beats to use inventory name instead of hostnameHEADmasterKelley Spoon
27 hourselk: Update KibanaBenjamin Copeland
7 daysDocs: add example of ad hoc command used to do SSL auditKelley Spoon
8 daysdocs: Update file extensionBenjamin Copeland
8 daysPhabricator: Add systemd unit for phd and mail configKelley Spoon
2018-04-06ssh-ldap: Remove state installedBenjamin Copeland
2018-04-05Jenkins: Update Kernel versionBenjamin Copeland
2018-04-04Jenkins-slaves: Add OE ServersBenjamin Copeland
2018-04-03Phabricator: Create role for phabricatorKelley Spoon
2018-04-03Jenkins-slaves: Add x86_64-14Benjamin Copeland
2018-03-29jenkins-slave: Remove unused UFW ruleBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-29Testdata: Add redirectBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-28Gerrit: Update gerrit to 2.14.7Kelley Spoon
2018-03-27SSH-LDAP: Add testdata.linaro.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-27ELK: Update ACLBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-27Curator: Update hot policyBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-24ssh-ldap: Update FQDNBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Publishing: Move testdata to host_vars folder.Benjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Publishing: Default sitenameBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Publishing: add testdata.linaro.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Postfix: bugfixes and add git and host_varsKelley Spoon
2018-03-12Publishing: Change MPM worker from prefork to workerBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-12Apache: Use reload instead of restartBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-10Postfix: Add top-level play for postfix.Kelley Spoon
2018-03-10OBS: deploy download_url serviceRiku Voipio
2018-03-10OBS: toplevel playbooksRiku Voipio
2018-03-10Docker: Add docker and docker-compose depsKelley Spoon
2018-03-09JenkinsMaster: prevent unintended docker restarts by ansibleKelley Spoon
2018-03-09OBS: lint fix for systemd-container setupKelley Spoon
2018-03-08Hosts: Cleanup unused hostsBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-08LLP: Update redirect host for builds.96boards.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-08Git: Remove projectara-git.linaro.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-07SSH-LDAP: Add README.LDAP.txt fileBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-07SSH-LDAP: Update defaultsBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-07trustedfirmware: Add hostsBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-07SSHLDAP: Decouple overlapping LDAP variablesKelley Spoon
2018-03-07Postfix: Add a role for postfix install.Kelley Spoon
2018-03-06LLP: Move to letsencryptBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-06Apache-site: Reload instead of restartBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-06Publishing: Delete builds.96boards.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-06Publishing: Redirect builds.96boards.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-05Gitolite: Complete changes for ANSIBLE0016 fix.Kelley Spoon
2018-03-05ansible-lint: Re-enable ANSIBLE0016Kelley Spoon
2018-03-02Publishing: Update Secrets locationBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-02LLP: Apache configBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-02Bugzilla: Update bugzilla playbookKelley Spoon
2018-02-28Patchworks: Update change.when to use a handlerKelley Spoon
2018-02-28Cgit: Convert to use handlers instead of when.changedKelley Spoon
2018-02-28SshLdap: Update to use handlers instead of when.changedKelley Spoon
2018-02-28Docker: Add a dynamic inventory of docker hosts scriptKelley Spoon