AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysobs-worker: add missing host_varsHEADmasterRiku Voipio
3 daysCleanUp: replace deprecated pkg state for apt tasksKelley Spoon
3 daysPublishing: add apache redirect rules for gcc-8 on releasesKelley Spoon
4 daysgit: add missing dev-private-git apace confRiku Voipio
4 daysArmMI: change to new domain mlplatform.orgKelley Spoon
5 daysArmNN: setup mi.linaro.orgKelley Spoon
5 daysGitDeps: ensure git_cleaner cronjob is enabled on git-android systemsKelley Spoon
5 daysGitDeps: add linaro-git-tools as an install dependencyKelley Spoon
10 daysGrokMirror: don't try to install public keys if not definedKelley Spoon
11 daysssh-ldap: Add j12-qrep-01Riku Voipio
11 daysGrokMirror: remove the grokmirror_slave_gitolite varKelley Spoon
11 daysCertbot: correct typo in snakeoil private key path nameKelley Spoon
11 daysGit: restore missing apache config for android-gitKelley Spoon
11 daysGitDeps: Add crontab entry for git_cleaner.shKelley Spoon
11 daysGit: update apache config to include bot filtersKelley Spoon
12 daysGerrit: update URL for gerrit oauth pluginKelley Spoon
12 daysSshLdap: add host_vars for qcom-hackboxKelley Spoon
12 daysCgit: remove need for 'git-private' value of server_roleKelley Spoon
12 daysGitolite: remove redundant when statementsKelley Spoon
12 daysHostVars: remove unused 'nickname' variableKelley Spoon
13 daysJenkins-slaves: Ensure srv dir is owned by 1000 (buildslave)Benjamin Copeland
2018-10-01jenkins: correct ssh key permissionsRiku Voipio
2018-10-01ssh-ldap: dont assume distro on service to disableRiku Voipio
2018-10-01ssh-ldap: Add qcom-hackbox.linaro.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-10-01obs-worker: deploy aarch64_08 and armhf-01Riku Voipio
2018-10-01BestPractices: expand on tasks/handlers, add note on tagsKelley Spoon
2018-09-28jenkins-slave: add missing /srv/dockerRiku Voipio
2018-09-28jenkins-slaves/ufw: cleanup and add armhf slave on scalewayRiku Voipio
2018-09-20obs-worker: refactor to match coding standardsRiku Voipio
2018-09-19docker-odp: Add docker-odp-hookBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-18ELK: Remove old ELKBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-18Tests: RFC update docker sandbox tests to use docker_hosts scriptKelley Spoon
2018-09-13Phabricator: update to handle acme challenge redirectKelley Spoon
2018-09-12ELK: Fix volume mountingBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-11Certbot: simplify use of snakeoil, support one cert per siteKelley Spoon
2018-09-10sandbox: add scripts to easily test plays with dockerRiku Voipio
2018-09-07DockerPublishing: update publishing-ap to include releases-apKelley Spoon
2018-09-07Lava Monitoring: Job queue monitoringBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-06UFW: Include a UFW roleBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-03Grokmirror: Fix SSH key addingBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-03Jenkins-slaves: Add docker-depsBenjamin Copeland
2018-09-03Jenkins-slaves: Add docker-ssh configBenjamin Copeland
2018-08-31Linaro-git-tools: Install git packageBenjamin Copeland
2018-08-29DockerHosts: update docker_hosts to default to docker connection typeKelley Spoon
2018-08-29Misc: rename roles to fit docker-* standardKelley Spoon
2018-08-28git play updatesRiku Voipio
2018-08-24git plays: setup dependencies and other fixesRiku Voipio
2018-08-24JenkinsSlaves: only install nfs client in hetznerKelley Spoon
2018-08-23linaro-git-tools/ssh-ldap: move to /srv/linaro-git-tools/ldap.confRiku Voipio
2018-08-22Hosts: reorganize jenkins_slavesKelley Spoon