BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devcloudcolo/devcloud: add logic to deploy a compute nodeAndy Doan2 years
grok-sshcolo: reservation updatesAndy Doan3 years
ldap-loginssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupAndy Doan2 years
masterGerrit: remove certbot roleKelley Spoon13 hours
pworkcolo: 10G nic for r1-a34 is backAndy Doan21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-10ssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupldap-loginAndy Doan
2016-05-18colo: allow graeme and amit to manage tftp on r2-x86-1Andy Doan
2016-05-18colo: support for dev-cloud loginsAndy Doan
2016-05-17colo: let yazen do pxe boot updatesAndy Doan
2016-05-17colo: give ricardo access to r2-x86-1Andy Doan
2016-05-17ssh-ldap: add a new way to configure ssh/ldap for systemsAndy Doan
2016-05-13colo: remove last of leg bulk reservationsAndy Doan
2016-05-13git-servers: gcc mirror is now handled by git-gerrit-mirror.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-05-11git-servers: Install config.Paul Sokolovsky
2016-05-11git-servers: binutils-gdb & newlib mirrors are now handled by git-gerrit-mirror.Paul Sokolovsky