path: root/hwpacks/linaro-lt-snowball
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-20new linaro-snowball hwpack using linux-linaro kernelJohn Rigby
2012-11-17Disable updates/security repositoriesFathi Boudra
2012-06-26Should also deploy linux-tools-linaro-lt-ux500 by defaultRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-06-01Adding lbsd back to the hwpack, as it's now ported to armhfRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-05-20Fixing initrd loadaddr and removing extra rootwait boot argRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-05-20Fixing extra_serial_options var nameRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-05-20This hwpack should provide wired_interfaces, as it's generally used with nano...Ricardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-05-20Start using u-boot-linaro-snowball with the right arguments and right Salveti de Araujo
2012-04-23Adding uboot-mkimage now that flash-kernel is able to update the first boot u...Ricardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-04-18Removing X11 related packages as we now have the x11-base hwpack for snowballRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-04-18Enabling hwpack for armhf/preciseRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2012-03-29Remove wired_interfaces, as this causes system hang when no dhcpd is found.Lee Jones
2012-03-22Specify eth0 as the wired interface used on Snowball.Lee Jones
2012-03-21Move from Landing Team to Igloo Community PPALee Jones
2012-03-21First creation of v2 hwpack for SnowballLee Jones
2012-03-21Some more previously uncommitted changes.Mattias Backman
2011-08-25Update v2 fields.Mattias Backman
2011-08-05Add v2 fields.Mattias Backman
2011-06-28Porting changes for 11.06 releaseRicardo Salveti de Araujo