path: root/fs/ecryptfs/file.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-04eCryptfs: Check return of filemap_write_and_wait during fsyncTyler Hicks
2013-05-24ecryptfs: fixed msync to flush dataPaul Taysom
2013-05-07aio: don't include aio.h in sched.hKent Overstreet
2013-03-07Merge tag 'ecryptfs-3.9-rc2-fixes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern...Linus Torvalds
2013-02-22new helper: file_inode(file)Al Viro
2013-01-17eCryptfs: Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warningsTyler Hicks
2012-09-14eCryptfs: Call lower ->flush() from ecryptfs_flush()Tyler Hicks
2012-07-13eCryptfs: Revert to a writethrough cache modelTyler Hicks
2012-07-08eCryptfs: Initialize empty lower files when opening themTyler Hicks
2012-03-20switch touch_atime to struct pathAl Viro
2011-11-23eCryptfs: Flush file in vma closeTyler Hicks
2011-07-20fs: push i_mutex and filemap_write_and_wait down into ->fsync() handlersJosef Bacik
2011-05-29eCryptfs: Fix new inode race conditionTyler Hicks
2011-04-25eCryptfs: Handle failed metadata read in lookupTyler Hicks
2011-04-25eCryptfs: Add reference counting to lower filesTyler Hicks
2011-03-28ecryptfs: modify write path to encrypt page in writepageThieu Le
2011-02-21ecryptfs: read on a directory should return EISDIR if not supportedAndy Whitcroft
2011-01-17fs/ecryptfs: Add printf format/argument verification and fix falloutJoe Perches
2011-01-17ecryptfs: fixed testing of file descriptor flagsRoberto Sassu
2011-01-17ecryptfs: test lower_file pointer when lower_file_mutex is lockedRoberto Sassu
2011-01-17ecryptfs: fix truncation error in ecryptfs_read_update_atimeEdward Shishkin
2010-10-22Merge branch 'llseek' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arnd/bklLinus Torvalds
2010-10-15llseek: automatically add .llseek fopArnd Bergmann
2010-10-04BKL: Remove BKL from ecryptfsArnd Bergmann
2010-08-09fs/ecryptfs/file.c: introduce missing freeJulia Lawall
2010-08-09eCryptfs: Handle ioctl calls with unlocked and compat functionsTyler Hicks
2010-05-27drop unused dentry argument to ->fsyncChristoph Hellwig
2010-05-21sanitize vfs_fsync calling conventionsChristoph Hellwig
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-01-19ecryptfs: Eliminate useless codeJulia Lawall
2010-01-19ecryptfs: initialize private persistent file before dereferencing pointerErez Zadok
2010-01-19eCryptfs: Remove mmap from directory operationsTyler Hicks
2009-01-06eCryptfs: Fix data types (int/size_t)Michael Halcrow
2009-01-06eCryptfs: Filename Encryption: filldir, lookup, and readlinkMichael Halcrow
2009-01-05add a vfs_fsync helperChristoph Hellwig
2008-10-16eCryptfs: remove retry loop in ecryptfs_readdir()Michael Halcrow
2008-07-24eCryptfs: Make all persistent file opens delayedMichael Halcrow
2008-07-24eCryptfs: do not try to open device files on mknodMichael Halcrow
2008-07-24eCryptfs: Privileged kthread for lower file opensMichael Halcrow
2008-07-02ecryptfs: fasync BKL pushdownJonathan Corbet
2008-04-29eCryptfs: protect crypt_stat->flags in ecryptfs_open()Michael Halcrow
2008-02-06eCryptfs: Minor fixes to printk messagesMichael Halcrow
2007-10-16eCryptfs: remove unused functions and kmem_cacheMichael Halcrow
2007-10-16eCryptfs: make open, truncate, and setattr use persistent fileMichael Halcrow
2007-10-16eCryptfs: update metadata read/write functionsMichael Halcrow
2007-10-16eCryptfs: remove assignments in if-statementsMichael Halcrow
2007-10-16eCryptfs: Use generic_file_splice_read()Michael Halcrow
2007-07-10sendfile: remove .sendfile from filesystems that use generic_file_sendfile()Jens Axboe
2007-05-23eCryptfs: delay writing 0's after llseek until writeMichael Halcrow
2007-05-08header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap