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2014-03-23iscsi/iser-target: Fix isert_conn->state hung shutdown issuesNicholas Bellinger
2014-03-23iscsi/iser-target: Use list_del_init for ->i_conn_nodeNicholas Bellinger
2014-03-23iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_get_tpg_from_np tpg_state bugNicholas Bellinger
2014-02-06target/iscsi: Fix network portal creation raceAndy Grover
2014-01-09target/file: Update hw_max_sectors based on current block_sizeNicholas Bellinger
2014-01-09iscsi-target: Fix-up all zero data-length CDBs with R/W_BIT setNicholas Bellinger
2013-12-04iscsi-target: chap auth shouldn't match username with trailing garbageEric Seppanen
2013-12-04iscsi-target: fix extract_param to handle buffer length corner caseEric Seppanen
2013-12-04iscsi-target: Fix mutex_trylock usage in iscsit_increment_maxcmdsnNicholas Bellinger
2013-11-13target/pscsi: fix return value checkWei Yongjun
2013-10-13iscsi-target: Only perform wait_for_tasks when performing shutdownNicholas Bellinger
2013-09-26target: Fix >= v3.9+ regression in PR APTPL + ALUA metadata write-outGera Kazakov
2013-09-07iscsi-target: Fix potential NULL pointer in solicited NOPOUT rejectNicholas Bellinger
2013-09-07iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_transport reference leak during NP thread resetNicholas Bellinger
2013-09-07iscsi-target: Fix ImmediateData=Yes failure regression in >= v3.10Nicholas Bellinger
2013-09-07target: Fix trailing ASCII space usage in INQUIRY vendor+modelNicholas Bellinger
2013-08-04iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_sequence_cmd reject handling for iserNicholas Bellinger
2013-08-04iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_add_reject* usage for iserNicholas Bellinger
2013-08-04iscsi-target: Fix ISCSI_OP_SCSI_TMFUNC handling for iserNicholas Bellinger
2013-08-04iser-target: Fix session reset bug with RDMA_CM_EVENT_DISCONNECTEDNicholas Bellinger
2013-08-04iscsi-target: Fix tfc_tpg_nacl_auth_cit configfs length overflowJoern Engel
2013-06-20iscsi-target: Remove left over v3.10-rc debug printksNicholas Bellinger
2013-06-20target/iscsi: Fix op=disable + error handling cases in np_store_iserAndy Grover
2013-06-14target/iscsi: don't corrupt bh_count in iscsit_stop_time2retain_timer()Jörn Engel
2013-05-31iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_free_cmd() se_cmd->cmd_kref shutdown handlingNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-31target: Propigate up ->cmd_kref put return via transport_generic_free_cmdNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-30iscsi-target: fix heap buffer overflow on errorKees Cook
2013-05-30target/file: Fix off-by-one READ_CAPACITY bug for !S_ISBLK exportNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-29target: Re-instate sess_wait_list for target_wait_for_sess_cmdsNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-20target: Remove unused wait_for_tasks bit in target_wait_for_sess_cmdsJoern Engel
2013-05-16Merge branch 'queue' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nab/tar...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-15target: close target_put_sess_cmd() vs. core_tmr_abort_task() raceJoern Engel
2013-05-15target/iblock: Fix WCE=1 + DPOFUA=1 backend WRITE regressionNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-11iscsi-target: Fix typos in RDMAEXTENSIONS macro usageNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-11target/rd: Add ramdisk bit for NULLIO operationNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-07iscsi-target: Fix processing of OOO commandsShlomo Pongratz
2013-05-03iscsi-target: Make buf param of iscsit_do_crypto_hash_buf() const void *Geert Uytterhoeven
2013-05-03iscsi-target: Fix NULL pointer dereference in iscsit_send_rejectNicholas Bellinger
2013-05-03target: Have dev/enable show if TCM device is configuredAndy Grover
2013-05-03target: Use FD_MAX_SECTORS/FD_BLOCKSIZE for blockdevs using fileioAndy Grover
2013-05-03target: Remove unused struct members in se_dev_entryAndy Grover
2013-05-01Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vir...Linus Torvalds
2013-04-25tcm_fc: Check for aborted sequenceMark Rustad
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Add iser network portal attributeNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Refactor TX queue logic + export response PDU creationNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Refactor RX PDU logic + export request PDU handlingNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Add per transport iscsi_cmd alloc/freeNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Add iser-target parameter keys + setup during loginNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Initial traditional TCP conversion to iscsit_transportNicholas Bellinger
2013-04-25iscsi-target: Add iscsit_transport API templateNicholas Bellinger