path: root/drivers/regulator/ab8500.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-18regulator: ab8500: Get rid of voltage_shift field from struct ab8500_regulato...Axel Lin
2013-04-18regulator: ab8500: Remove unused voltage_shift field from struct expand_registerAxel Lin
2013-04-17regulator: ab8500: Fix set voltage for AB8540_LDO_AUX3Axel Lin
2013-04-17regulator: ab8500: Don't update lp_mode_req flag in set_mode() error pathsAxel Lin
2013-04-17regulator: ab8500: Don't update info->update_val if write to register failsAxel Lin
2013-04-16regulator: ab8500: Optimize ab8540_aux3_regulator_get_voltage_selAxel Lin
2013-04-15regulator: ab8500: Fix voltage_shift setting for AB8540_LDO_DMICAxel Lin
2013-04-12regulator: ab8500: Fix voltage_mask for AB8505_LDO_AUDIOAxel Lin
2013-04-11regulator: ab8500: Unregister ab8500-ext regulators in probe() failure pathAxel Lin
2013-04-11regulator: ab8500-ext: Make the return type of ab8500_ext_regulator_exit() voidAxel Lin
2013-04-08regulator: ab8500: Get rid of is_enabled from struct ab8500_regulator_infoAxel Lin
2013-04-05regulator: ab8500: Remove ab8500_regulator_set_voltage_time_selAxel Lin
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Add missing volt_table setting for AB8540_LDO_TVOUTAxel Lin
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Fix list_voltage for fixed voltage regulatorsAxel Lin
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Shuffle init functions into a more logical orderLee Jones
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Use regulator_list_voltage_table() to look-up voltagesLee Jones
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Remove the need for a 'delay' propertyLee Jones
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Set enable enable_time in regulator_descLee Jones
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Introduce aux5, aux6 regulators for AB8540Zhenhua HUANG
2013-04-03regulator: ab8500: Use a struct to select the good regulator configurationLee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Update vdmic, vamic[1|2] parameters for AB8540Lee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Add mode operation for v-amicLee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Add new operations for Vaux3Lee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Also check for AB8505 based platformsLee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Add voltage selection for AUDIO and ANA on AB8505Lee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Don't register external regulators on AB8505Rabin Vincent
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Supply platform specific regulator id valuesLee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Use regulator_list_voltage_table()Lee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Update voltage handling for fixed voltage regulatorsLee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Add support for the ab8540Lee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: add support for ab8505Lee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Correct TVOUT regulator enable timeLee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Add support for the ab9540Lee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500: Prepare the driver for additional platformsLee Jones
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500: Update info->update_val only when successfully update regi...Axel Lin
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500: Init debug from regulator driverLee Jones
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500: Remove USB regulatorLee Jones
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500-ext: New driver to control external regulatorsLee Jones
2013-03-28regulator: ab8500: Amend the update value for AB8500_LDO_INTCORE regulatorLee Jones
2013-03-28regulator: ab8500: Clean out SoC registersLee Jones
2013-03-27regulator: ab8500: Remove set_voltage_time_sel and delay settingAxel Lin
2013-03-27regulator: ab8500: Add missing enable_time settingsAxel Lin
2013-03-26regulator: ab8500: Don't update is_enabled flag in error pathsAxel Lin
2013-03-25regulator: ab8500: Use regulator_list_voltage_linear for fixed voltageAxel Lin
2013-03-25regulator: ab8500: Fix build errorAxel Lin
2013-03-22regulator: ab8500: Separate regulator and MFD platform dataBengt Jonsson
2013-03-22regulator: ab8500: Another push to synchronise recent AB8500 developmentsLee Jones
2013-03-22ARM: ux500: regulators: Add mask for configurationLee Jones
2013-03-22regulator: ab8500: Added get_optimum_mode on regulators with idle modeBengt Jonsson
2013-03-22regulator: ab8500: Add set_mode/get_mode supportEmeric Vigier