path: root/drivers/regulator/ab8500-ext.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-17regulator: ab8500-ext: Remove enable() and disable() functionsAxel Lin
2013-04-17regulator: ab8500-ext: Don't update info->update_val if set_mode() failsAxel Lin
2013-04-11regulator: ab8500-ext: Make the return type of ab8500_ext_regulator_exit() voidAxel Lin
2013-04-08regulator: ab8500-ext: Remove get_voltage to avoid duplicate implementationAxel Lin
2013-04-08regulator: ab8500-ext: Remove unnecessary checking for ab9540 and ab8540Axel Lin
2013-04-08regulator: ab8500-ext: Get rid of is_enabled from struct ab8500_ext_regulator...Axel Lin
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500-ext: Don't update info->is_enabled if write to register failsAxel Lin
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500: Also check for AB8505 based platformsLee Jones
2013-04-02regulator: ab8500-ext: Add support for AB9540 regulatorsLee Jones
2013-04-01regulator: ab8500-ext: Add support for AB8505/AB9540Bengt Jonsson
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500-ext: Add HW request supportBengt Jonsson
2013-03-29regulator: ab8500-ext: New driver to control external regulatorsLee Jones