path: root/drivers/mtd/nand/cs553x_nand.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-03mtd cs553x_nand: Initialise ecc.strength before nand_scan()Nathan Williams
2012-05-13mtd: nand: kill NAND_NO_AUTOINCR optionBrian Norris
2012-03-27mtd: flash drivers set ecc strengthMike Dunn
2012-03-27mtd: do not use plain 0 as NULLArtem Bityutskiy
2011-09-11mtd: cs553x_nand.c: use mtd_device_parse_registerDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2011-09-11mtd: cs553x_nand don't specify default parsing optionsDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2011-09-11mtd: nand: rename NAND_USE_FLASH_BBTBrian Norris
2011-09-11mtd: nand: consolidate redundant flash-based BBT flagsBrian Norris
2011-05-25mtd: cs553x_nand: convert to mtd_device_register()Jamie Iles
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2008-10-18[MTD] [NAND] Fix compilation warnings in drivers/mtd/nand/cs553x_nand.cManish Katiyar
2008-04-22[MTD] [NAND] mtd/nand/cs553x_nand.c:part_probes[] staticAdrian Bunk
2008-02-09[MTD] [NAND] cs553x_nand: command line partitioning supportMart Raudsepp
2008-02-03drivers/mtd/: Spelling fixesJoe Perches
2007-05-02PCI: Cleanup the includes of <linux/pci.h>Jean Delvare
2006-11-30[MTD] Remove trailing whitespaceDavid Woodhouse
2006-10-10[PATCH] mtd: remove several bogus casts to void * in iounmap() argumentAl Viro
2006-05-26[MTD] Remove PCI dependency for Geode CS553[56] NAND controller.David Woodhouse
2006-05-23[MTD] NAND remove write_byte/word function from nand_chipThomas Gleixner
2006-05-23[MTD] Refactor NAND hwcontrol to cmd_ctrlThomas Gleixner
2006-05-23[MTD] NAND modularize ECCThomas Gleixner
2006-05-16[MTD NAND] Make various initfuncs static, remove #ifdef MODULE from exitfuncsDavid Woodhouse
2006-05-14[MTD] Fix module refcounting in NAND board drivers.David Woodhouse
2006-05-13[MTD NAND] Indent all of drivers/mtd/nand/*.c.David Woodhouse
2006-05-13[MTD NAND] Update CS553x NAND driver: Hardware ECC support, optimisations.David Woodhouse
2006-05-11[MTD] Basic NAND driver for AMD/NatSemi CS5535/CS5536 Geode companion chipDavid Woodhouse