path: root/drivers/md/dm.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-13dm sysfs: fix a module unload raceMikulas Patocka
2014-02-13dm: wait until embedded kobject is released before destroying a deviceMikulas Patocka
2012-12-21dm: introduce per_bio_dataMikulas Patocka
2012-09-26dm: retain table limits when swapping to new table with no devicesMike Snitzer
2012-07-27dm thin: commit before gathering statusAlasdair G Kergon
2011-10-31dm table: add immutable featureAlasdair G Kergon
2011-08-02dm: ignore merge_bvec for snapshots when safeMikulas Patocka
2011-03-17block: Require subsystems to explicitly allocate bio_set integrity mempoolMartin K. Petersen
2010-08-12dm: linear support discardMike Snitzer
2010-08-12dm ioctl: refactor dm_table_completeWill Drewry
2010-08-12dm: do not initialise full request queue when bio basedMike Snitzer
2010-08-12dm ioctl: make bio or request based device type immutableMike Snitzer
2010-08-12dm: separate device deletion from dm_putKiyoshi Ueda
2010-03-06dm ioctl: introduce flag indicating uevent was generatedPeter Rajnoha
2009-12-10dm: rename dm_suspended to dm_suspended_mdKiyoshi Ueda
2009-12-10dm: add dm_deleting_md functionMike Anderson
2009-12-10dm io: use slab for struct ioMikulas Patocka
2009-07-23dm: remove queue next_ordered workaround for barriersMike Snitzer
2009-06-22dm: do not set QUEUE_ORDERED_DRAIN if request basedKiyoshi Ueda
2009-06-22dm: enable request based optionKiyoshi Ueda
2009-06-22dm: prepare for request based optionKiyoshi Ueda
2009-06-22dm: calculate queue limits during resume not loadMike Snitzer
2009-06-22dm ioctl: support cookies for udevMilan Broz
2009-04-09dm: remove limited barrier supportMikulas Patocka
2009-04-02dm target: remove struct tt_internalCheng Renquan
2009-01-06dm: add name and uuid to sysfsMilan Broz
2009-01-06dm table: rework reference countingMikulas Patocka
2009-01-06dm: support barriers on simple devicesAndi Kleen
2008-10-21dm: publish array_too_bigMikulas Patocka
2008-10-10dm: publish dm_vcallocMikulas Patocka
2008-10-10dm: publish dm_table_unplug_allMikulas Patocka
2008-10-10dm: publish dm_get_mapinfoMikulas Patocka
2008-10-10dm: export struct dm_devMikulas Patocka
2008-07-21dm log: make dm_dirty_log init and exit staticAdrian Bunk
2008-04-25dm: expose macrosAlasdair G Kergon
2008-04-25dm kcopyd: remove redundant client countingMikulas Patocka
2008-04-25dm log: clean interfaceHeinz Mauelshagen
2007-12-20dm: trigger change uevent on renameAlasdair G Kergon
2007-12-20dm: table detect io beyond deviceJun'ichi Nomura
2007-10-16block: convert blkdev_issue_flush() to use empty barriersJens Axboe
2007-07-12dm: add ratelimit logging macrosJonathan Brassow
2006-12-08[PATCH] dm: suspend: add noflush pushbackKiyoshi Ueda
2006-12-08[PATCH] dm: ioctl: add noflush suspendKiyoshi Ueda
2006-12-08[PATCH] dm: map and endio return code clarificationKiyoshi Ueda
2006-12-08[PATCH] dm: suspend: parameter changeKiyoshi Ueda
2006-10-03[PATCH] dm table: add target preresumeMilan Broz
2006-10-03[PATCH] dm: add debug macroBryn Reeves
2006-06-26[PATCH] dm: improve error message consistencyAlasdair G Kergon
2006-06-26[PATCH] dm: prevent removal if openAlasdair G Kergon
2006-06-26[PATCH] dm: add exportsAlasdair G Kergon