path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/atombios_crtc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-13drm/radeon: disable ss on DP for DCE3.xAlex Deucher
2014-01-09drm/radeon: add missing display tiling setup for olandAlex Deucher
2013-12-04drm/radeon: don't share PPLLs on DCE4.1Alex Deucher
2013-05-20drm/radeon: Remove superfluous variableNiels Ole Salscheider
2013-04-01drm/radeon: use frac fb div on RS780/RS880Alex Deucher
2013-02-05drm/radeon/dce6: fix display powergatingAlex Deucher
2012-12-07drm/radeon/dce32+: use fractional fb dividers for high clocksAlex Deucher
2012-11-27radeon: fix pll/ctrc mapping on dce2 and dce3 hardwareJerome Glisse
2012-11-07drm/radeon/dce3: switch back to old pll allocation order for discreteAlex Deucher
2012-10-15drm/radeon: allocate PPLLs from low to highAlex Deucher
2012-09-27drm/radeon: validate PPLL in crtc fixupAlex Deucher
2012-09-27drm/radeon: work around KMS modeset limitations in PLL allocation (v2)Alex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon: make non-DP PPLL sharing more robustAlex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon: store the encoder in the radeon_crtcAlex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon: rework crtc pll setup to better support PPLL sharingAlex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon: allow PPLL sharing on non-DP displaysAlex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon/dce3: use a single PPLL for all DP displaysAlex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon: rework pll selection (v4)Alex Deucher
2012-09-20drm/radeon/atom: fix typo in SetPixelClock handlingAlex Deucher
2012-09-17Revert "drm/radeon: rework pll selection (v3)"Alex Deucher
2012-09-13drm/radeon: rework pll selection (v3)Alex Deucher
2012-08-29drm/radeon/atom: powergating fixes for DCE6Alex Deucher
2012-08-29drm/radeon: don't disable plls that are in use by other crtcsAlex Deucher
2012-08-21drm/radeon/ss: use num_crtc rather than hardcoded 6Alex Deucher
2012-08-20drm/radeon: avoid turning off spread spectrum for used pllJerome Glisse
2012-08-13drm/radeon: fix ordering in pll picking on dce4+Alex Deucher
2012-08-13drm/radeon: properly handle crtc powergatingAlex Deucher
2012-07-19drm: Make the .mode_fixup() operations mode argument a const pointerLaurent Pinchart
2012-07-18drm/radeon: fix SS setup for DCPLLAlex Deucher
2012-07-18drm/radeon: fix up pll selection on DCE5/6Alex Deucher
2012-06-20drm/radeon: SI tiling fixes for displayAlex Deucher
2012-05-07Merge tag 'v3.4-rc6' into drm-intel-nextDaniel Vetter
2012-04-28drm/radeon/kms: need to set up ss on DP bridges as wellAlex Deucher
2012-04-27drm/radeon/kms: use frac fb div on APUsAlex Deucher
2012-04-24drm/radeon/kms: improve bpc handling (v2)Alex Deucher
2012-03-26drm/radeon/kms/atom: force bpc to 8 for nowAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms/DCE6.1: ss is not supported on the internal ppllsAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms: disable PPLL0 on DCE6.1 when not in useAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms: Adjust pll picker for DCE6.1Alex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms: DCE6.1 disp eng pll updatesAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms: DCE6 disp eng pll updatesAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms/atom: add support for crtc power gatingAlex Deucher
2012-03-21drm/radeon/kms/atom: DCE6 no longer has crtcmemreq bitsAlex Deucher
2012-02-13drm/radeon: add support for evergreen/ni tiling informations v11Jerome Glisse
2012-02-01drm/radeon: Set DESKTOP_HEIGHT register to the framebuffer (not mode) height.Michel Dänzer
2012-01-24drm/radeon/kms: refine TMDS dual link checksAlex Deucher
2012-01-24drm/radeon/kms: move disp eng pll setup to init pathAlex Deucher
2011-12-20drm/radeon/kms: don't use 0 bpc for adjusting hdmi clockDave Airlie
2011-12-20Merge tag 'v3.2-rc6' of /home/airlied/devel/kernel/linux-2.6 into drm-core-nextDave Airlie
2011-12-20drm: Replace pitch with pitches[] in drm_framebufferVille Syrjälä