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2014-03-13arm64: module: ensure instruction is little-endian before manipulationWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: kconfig: allow CPU_BIG_ENDIAN to be selectedWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: big-endian: write CPU holding pen address as LEMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: big-endian: set correct endianess on kernel entryMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: head: create a new function for setting the boot_cpu_mode flagMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: asm: add CPU_LE & CPU_BE assembler helpersMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: big-endian: don't treat code as data when copying sigret codeMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: compat: correct register concatenation for syscall wrappersMatthew Leach
2014-03-13arm64: compat: add support for big-endian (BE8) AArch32 binariesWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: setup: report ELF_PLATFORM as the machine for utsnameWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: ELF: add support for big-endian executablesWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: big-endian: fix byteorder includeWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: big-endian: add big-endian support to top-level arch MakefileWill Deacon
2014-03-13arm64: use correct register width when retrieving ASIDMatthew Leach
2014-03-13ARM: tlb: ASID macro should give 32bit result for BE correct operationVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: mcpm: fix big endian issue in mcpm startup codeVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: signal: sigreturn_codes should be endian neutral to work in BE8Victor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: atomic64: fix endian-ness in atomic.hVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: kdgb: use <asm/opcodes.h> for data to be assembled as intructionBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: Correct BUG() assembly to ensure it is endian-agnosticBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: net: fix arm instruction endian-ness in bpf_jit_32.cBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: hardware: fix endian-ness in <hardware/coresight.h>Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: set --be8 when linking modulesBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: module: correctly relocate instructions in BE8Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: traps: use <asm/opcodes.h> to get correct instruction orderBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: alignment: correctly decode instructions in BE8 mode.Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: vexpress: add big endian supportBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: mvebu: support running big-endianBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: highbank: enable big-endianBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: smp_scu: data endian fixesBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: twd: data endian fixBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: pl01x debug code endian fixBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: set BE8 if LE in head codeBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: fixup_pv_table bug when CPU_ENDIAN_BE8Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: asm: Add ARM_BE8() assembly helperBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: fix ARCH_IXP4xx usage of ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIANBen Dooks
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: fix per-cpu offset restore on resumeLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: percpu: implement optimised pcpu access using tpidr_el1Will Deacon
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: restore HW breakpoint registers in cpu_suspendLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: hw_breakpoint compile error fixingAlex Shi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: add MPIDR_EL1 accessors macrosLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: add CPU power management menu/entriesLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: add PM build infrastructureLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: add CPU idle callLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: enable generic clockevent broadcastLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: implement HW breakpoints CPU PM notifierLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: refactor code to install/uninstall breakpointsLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm: kvm: implement CPU PM notifierLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: implement fpsimd CPU PM notifierLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-10arm64: kernel: cpu_{suspend/resume} implementationLorenzo Pieralisi