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2014-08-21add exynos 542x supportShow Liu
2014-08-21added exynos 542x supportShow Liu
2014-05-20Update exynos 5250 device tree information for mali driver r4p0Show Liu
2014-04-28EXYNOS 5250 arndale: dts add usb hub supportShow Liu
2014-04-28ARM: dts: add mali configuration for exynos5210 arndale boardShow Liu
2014-04-28modified for mali on arndaleShow Liu
2014-04-28ARM: dts: add clocks to hdmi dt node for exynos5250Rahul Sharma
2014-04-28ARM: dts: add mixer clocks to mixer node for Exynos5250Sean Paul
2014-04-28ARM: dts: Add HDMI related I2C nodes for Arndale boardSachin Kamat
2014-04-28ARM: dts: Add hdmiphy pmu register for Exynos5250Rahul Sharma
2014-03-31Merge tag 'v3.10.35' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-03-31ARM: highbank: avoid L2 cache smc calls when PL310 is not presentRob Herring
2014-03-31ARM: move outer_cache declaration out of ifdefRob Herring
2014-03-31Merge branch 'v3.10/topic/arm64-be' of git://git.linaro.org/kernel/linux-lina...Mark Brown
2014-03-28Merge tag 'v3.10.34' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2014-03-23ARM: ignore memory below PHYS_OFFSETRussell King
2014-03-23ARM: 7864/1: Handle 64-bit memory in case of 32-bit phys_addr_tMagnus Damm
2014-03-23ARM: 7991/1: sa1100: fix compile problem on CollieLinus Walleij
2014-03-23ARM: 7811/1: locks: use early clobber in arch_spin_trylockWill Deacon
2014-03-13ARM: tlb: ASID macro should give 32bit result for BE correct operationVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: mcpm: fix big endian issue in mcpm startup codeVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: signal: sigreturn_codes should be endian neutral to work in BE8Victor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: atomic64: fix endian-ness in atomic.hVictor Kamensky
2014-03-13ARM: kdgb: use <asm/opcodes.h> for data to be assembled as intructionBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: Correct BUG() assembly to ensure it is endian-agnosticBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: net: fix arm instruction endian-ness in bpf_jit_32.cBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: hardware: fix endian-ness in <hardware/coresight.h>Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: set --be8 when linking modulesBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: module: correctly relocate instructions in BE8Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: traps: use <asm/opcodes.h> to get correct instruction orderBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: alignment: correctly decode instructions in BE8 mode.Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: vexpress: add big endian supportBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: mvebu: support running big-endianBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: highbank: enable big-endianBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: smp_scu: data endian fixesBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: twd: data endian fixBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: pl01x debug code endian fixBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: set BE8 if LE in head codeBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: fixup_pv_table bug when CPU_ENDIAN_BE8Ben Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: asm: Add ARM_BE8() assembly helperBen Dooks
2014-03-13ARM: fix ARCH_IXP4xx usage of ARCH_SUPPORTS_BIG_ENDIANBen Dooks
2014-03-10arm: kvm: implement CPU PM notifierLorenzo Pieralisi
2014-03-09Merge tag 'v3.10.33' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-03-06ARM: 7812/1: rwlocks: retry trylock operation if strex fails on free lockWill Deacon
2014-03-06ARM: 7749/1: spinlock: retry trylock operation if strex fails on free lockWill Deacon
2014-03-06ARM: tegra: only run PL310 init on systems with oneStephen Warren
2014-03-06ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc: fix: DT ONENAND child nodes not probed when MTD_ONENAND is...Pekon Gupta
2014-03-06ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc: fix: DT NAND child nodes not probed when MTD_NAND is built...Pekon Gupta
2014-03-06ARM: 7957/1: add DSB after icache flush in __flush_icache_all()Vinayak Kale
2014-03-06ARM: 7953/1: mm: ensure TLB invalidation is complete before enabling MMUWill Deacon