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+menuconfig ION
+ bool "Ion Memory Manager"
+ depends on HAVE_MEMBLOCK
+ ---help---
+ Chose this option to enable the ION Memory Manager,
+ used by Android to efficiently allocate buffers
+ from userspace that can be shared between drivers.
+ If you're not using Android its probably safe to
+ say N here.
+config ION_TEST
+ tristate "Ion Test Device"
+ depends on ION
+ help
+ Choose this option to create a device that can be used to test the
+ kernel and device side ION functions.
+config ION_DUMMY
+ bool "Dummy Ion driver"
+ depends on ION
+ help
+ Provides a dummy ION driver that registers the
+ /dev/ion device and some basic heaps. This can
+ be used for testing the ION infrastructure if
+ one doesn't have access to hardware drivers that
+ use ION.
+config ION_TEGRA
+ tristate "Ion for Tegra"
+ depends on ARCH_TEGRA && ION
+ help
+ Choose this option if you wish to use ion on an nVidia Tegra.