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@@ -63,6 +63,27 @@ config DEBUG_USER
8 - SIGSEGV faults
16 - SIGBUS faults
+ bool "Write protect kernel text section"
+ default n
+ depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && MMU
+ ---help---
+ Mark the kernel text section as write-protected in the pagetables,
+ in order to catch accidental (and incorrect) writes to such const
+ data. This will cause the size of the kernel, plus up to 4MB, to
+ be mapped as pages instead of sections, which will increase TLB
+ pressure.
+ If in doubt, say "N".
+ bool "Testcase for the DEBUG_RODATA feature"
+ depends on DEBUG_RODATA
+ default n
+ ---help---
+ This option enables a testcase for the DEBUG_RODATA
+ feature.
+ If in doubt, say "N"
# These options are only for real kernel hackers who want to get their hands dirty.
config DEBUG_LL
bool "Kernel low-level debugging functions (read help!)"