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- this file.
- README for MIPS AU1XXX IDE driver.
- - README for dir with info on MIPS boards using GT-64120 or GT-64120A.
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-README for arch/mips/gt64120 directory and subdirectories
-Jun Sun, jsun@mvista.com or jsun@junsun.net
-01/27, 2001
-Many MIPS boards share the same system controller (or CPU companian chip),
-such as GT-64120. It is highly desirable to let these boards share
-the same controller code instead of duplicating them.
-This directory is meant to hold all MIPS boards that use GT-64120 or GT-64120A.
-. Create a subdirectory include/asm/gt64120/<board>.
-. Create a file called gt64120_dep.h under that directory.
-. Modify include/asm/gt64120/gt64120.h file to include the new gt64120_dep.h
- based on config options. The board-dep section is at the end of
- include/asm/gt64120/gt64120.h file. There you can find all required
- definitions include/asm/gt64120/<board>/gt64120_dep.h file must supply.
-. Create a subdirectory arch/mips/gt64120/<board> directory to hold
- board specific routines.
-. The GT-64120 common code is supplied under arch/mips/gt64120/common directory.
- It includes:
- 1) arch/mips/gt64120/pci.c -
- common PCI routine, include the top-level pcibios_init()
- 2) arch/mips/gt64120/irq.c -
- common IRQ routine, include the top-level do_IRQ()
- [This part really belongs to arch/mips/kernel. jsun]
- 3) arch/mips/gt64120/gt_irq.c -
- common IRQ routines for GT-64120 chip. Currently it only handles
- the timer interrupt.
-. Board-specific routines are supplied under arch/mips/gt64120/<board> dir.
- 1) arch/mips/gt64120/<board>/pci.c - it provides bus fixup routine
- 2) arch/mips/gt64120/<board>/irq.c - it provides enable/disable irqs
- and board irq setup routine (irq_setup)
- 3) arch/mips/gt64120/<board>/int-handler.S -
- The first-level interrupt dispatching routine.
- 4) a bunch of other "normal" stuff (setup, prom, dbg_io, reset, etc)
-. Follow other "normal" procedure to modify configuration files, etc.
-. Expand arch/mips/gt64120/gt_irq.c to handle all GT-64120 interrupts.
- We probably need to introduce GT_IRQ_BASE in board-dep header file,
- which is used the starting irq_nr for all GT irqs.
- A function, gt64120_handle_irq(), will be added so that the first-level
- irq dispatcher will call this function if it detects an interrupt
- from GT-64120.
-. More support for GT-64120 PCI features (2nd PCI bus, perhaps)