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leds-lp5523: add channel name in the platform data
The name of each led channel is configurable. If the name is NULL, just use the channel id for making the channel name Signed-off-by: Milo(Woogyom) Kim <milo.kim@ti.com> Signed-off-by: Bryan Wu <bryan.wu@canonical.com>
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@@ -10,8 +10,22 @@ Contact: Samu Onkalo (samu.p.onkalo-at-nokia.com)
LP5523 can drive up to 9 channels. Leds can be controlled directly via
-the led class control interface. Channels have generic names:
-lp5523:channelx where x is 0...8
+the led class control interface.
+The name of each channel is configurable in the platform data - name and label.
+There are three options to make the channel name.
+a) Define the 'name' in the platform data
+To make specific channel name, then use 'name' platform data.
+/sys/class/leds/R1 (name: 'R1')
+/sys/class/leds/B1 (name: 'B1')
+b) Use the 'label' with no 'name' field
+For one device name with channel number, then use 'label'.
+/sys/class/leds/RGB:channelN (label: 'RGB', N: 0 ~ 8)
+c) Default
+If both fields are NULL, 'lp5523' is used by default.
+/sys/class/leds/lp5523:channelN (N: 0 ~ 8)
The chip provides 3 engines. Each engine can control channels without
interaction from the main CPU. Details of the micro engine code can be found
@@ -46,12 +60,13 @@ Note - chan_nr can have values between 0 and 8.
static struct lp5523_led_config lp5523_led_config[] = {
+ .name = "D1",
.chan_nr = 0,
.led_current = 50,
.max_current = 130,
- }, {
+ {
.chan_nr = 8,
.led_current = 50,
.max_current = 130,