AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-14Remove 64 bit atomics extensions from CPU Device.ocl_1_2Gil Pitney
2015-07-14fixed the crash issue for convert builtin functionShow Liu
2015-07-09Implemented CMake check for opencl-headers minium version 1.2 installedGil Pitney
2015-07-02Added the declaration for the 64 bits atomic operationsShow Liu
2015-07-02Fixed the atomic operations failed on 64 bits argument and discard the whites...Show Liu
2015-07-02Fixed the atomic operation crash issuesShow Liu
2015-06-30Implement clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects() v1.2 APIGil Pitney
2015-06-26Tixed the mad_sat() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-24Sub-devices inherit the parent's kernel and program device dependent structs.Gil Pitney
2015-06-23fixed the mul_hi() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-23fixed for rotate() crash issue when argument is uint typeShow Liu
2015-06-23added "-cl-std=CL1.2" cflags supportShow Liu
2015-06-17clCreateProgramWithBinary(): fix memory leak.Gil Pitney
2015-06-16fixed the upsample() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-16fiexed for clz() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-16Fix clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo per v1.2 specGil Pitney
2015-06-12Allow CPUBuffers for CPUDevices to share copied host pointer dataGil Pitney
2015-06-05clCreateSubDevices(): Return CL_DEVICE_PARTITION_FAILED if numCPUs() == 1Gil Pitney
2015-06-05fixed the sub_sat() builin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-05fixed the add_sat() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-04Implement CL_DEVICE_PARTITION_TYPE case of clGetDeviceInfo()Gil Pitney
2015-06-02Fix possible CPUDevice object mem leak in clCreateSubDevicesGil Pitney
2015-05-29Fix abs() builtin function for CPU.Gil Pitney
2015-05-29relaxed comparison of Args objects in Kenrel objectsGil Pitney
2015-05-14Implemented clCreateSubDevices() PARITION_EQUALLY capabibility.Gil Pitney
2015-05-14printf.c: Added cl_khr_int64 feature to printf builtinGil Pitney
2015-05-04Implemented clEnqueueFillBuffer() v1.2 API.Gil Pitney
2015-04-29Stub out new v1.2 functions, sufficient to allow building of test_buffersGil Pitney
2015-04-29Added v1.2 API clUnloadPlatformCompiler()Gil Pitney
2015-04-29Added v1.2 clGetExtensionFunctionAddressForPlatform() APIGil Pitney
2015-04-29Blank line removed from file.Gil Pitney
2015-04-29Added printf builtin for v1.2Gil Pitney
2015-04-21Add popcount builtin function for OpenCL v1.2Gil Pitney
2015-04-20clEnqueueMapBuffer: Add new CL_MAP_WRITE_INVALIDATE_REGION flagGil Pitney
2015-04-16Updated callback handling for events to notify on Submitted, Running statesGil Pitney
2015-04-15Implement the concept of "event termination" required by clSetUserEventStatus()Gil Pitney
2015-04-15Change Event Status type from enum to int to allow portable negative numbersGil Pitney
2015-04-14Update event handling code per latest TI OpenCL public git repoGil Pitney
2015-04-13Moved build notifications out of the program object to the API levelGil Pitney
2015-04-10Updated error check for clSetUserEventStatus per v1.2 spec.Gil Pitney
2015-04-10Fixed bug in clWaitForEvents causing crash when event is Event::UserGil Pitney
2015-04-10Implementied clEnqueueBarrierWithWaitList(), and updated clEnqueueBarrier()Gil Pitney
2015-04-09Implement clEnqueueMarkerWithWaitList(), and updated clEnqueueMarker()Gil Pitney
2015-04-07Update clBuildProgram() and clCompileProgram() to prevent re-buildingGil Pitney
2015-04-07Added new build options for v1.2Gil Pitney
2015-04-02Implemented CL_PROGRAM_BINARY_TYPE of the clGetProgramBuildInfo() APIGil Pitney
2015-03-31Update clGetProgramInfo() for library program objects.Gil Pitney
2015-03-31Libraries: Implement the concept of building program librariesGil Pitney
2015-03-20Implement "Embedded Header" feature of the v1.2 Separate Compiling and LinkingGil Pitney
2015-03-18Implement the basics of separate Compilation and Linking (v1.2 feature)Gil Pitney