AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-30Update TODOHEADmasterGil Pitney
2016-06-30Document patch to fix bug in test_compile Khronos conformance testGil Pitney
2016-06-29Add in the logic to resetDeviceDependent upon recompiling a built programGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fixed erroneous determination of number of kernels associated with a programGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fix the tests kernel sanity test to enqueue the right kernel2.Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Remove the "resurrection" method in kernel create/delete logicGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fixes to sanity test case 'tests kernel'Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Added notes on reason for failed test_compiler Khronos tests.Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Merge of select changes from TI OpenCL from git.ti.com/ti-opencl/...TI_01_01_08_03_MergeGil Pitney
2015-10-07Update README and TODOicdGil Pitney
2015-10-02ICD: Update Sampler objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-10-02ICD: Update MemObject objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-10-01ICD: Update Event objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-10-01ICD: Update CommandQueue objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-09-30ICD: Update Kernel objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-09-30ICD: Update Program objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-09-30ICD: Update Context objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-09-29ICD: Update Platform and DeviceInterface objects to be ICD compatible.Gil Pitney
2015-09-29ICD: Update Dispatch table and add OpenCL object type conversion templatesGil Pitney
2015-07-29Explicitly return CL_INVALID_VALUE for CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE caseshamrock_v1.2ocl_1_2_fixesGil Pitney
2015-07-29To handle the CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE caseShow Liu
2015-07-29To check the device is NULL or not to avoid the crash issueShow Liu
2015-07-28Update clBuildProgram() to return correct error code if compile fails.Gil Pitney
2015-07-28Updated README, ISSUES, TODO files for v1.2 release of ShamrockGil Pitney
2015-07-27Update clGetDeviceInfo() for MAX_CONSTANT_ARGS and BUFFER_SIZEGil Pitney
2015-07-24Updated list of 'basic' Khronos v1.2 tests still failingGil Pitney
2015-07-24Return correct platform id for CPUDevice in call to clGetDeviceInfo()Gil Pitney
2015-07-24Retain MemObjects for buffer args in KernelEvent creation.Gil Pitney
2015-07-22Ensure CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE info function returns 1/4 of global memGil Pitney
2015-07-22Add new v1.2 cl_mem flags to Buffer and SubBuffer creation functions.Gil Pitney
2015-07-22Update Kernel::reqdWorkGroupSize() to search all meta node operands.Gil Pitney
2015-07-20Reduce clGetDeviceInfo() CL_DEVICE_MAX_PARAMTER_SIZE to the minimum valueGil Pitney
2015-07-20BufferEvent::isSubBufferAligned(): test for null buffer.Gil Pitney
2015-07-20Test for kernel attribute vec_type_hint during Kernel::fillArgsInfo()Gil Pitney
2015-07-20Update comment in clBuildProgram()Gil Pitney
2015-07-17Added new v1.2 kernel preprocessor macro: "__OPENCL_C_VERSION__=120"Gil Pitney
2015-07-17Updated README for OpenCL v1.2Gil Pitney
2015-07-17clRetainDevice(): return CL_SUCCESSGil Pitney
2015-07-14Remove 64 bit atomics extensions from CPU Device.ocl_1_2Gil Pitney
2015-07-14fixed the crash issue for convert builtin functionShow Liu
2015-07-09Implemented CMake check for opencl-headers minium version 1.2 installedGil Pitney
2015-07-02Added the declaration for the 64 bits atomic operationsShow Liu
2015-07-02Fixed the atomic operations failed on 64 bits argument and discard the whites...Show Liu
2015-07-02Fixed the atomic operation crash issuesShow Liu
2015-06-30Implement clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects() v1.2 APIGil Pitney
2015-06-26Tixed the mad_sat() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-24Sub-devices inherit the parent's kernel and program device dependent structs.Gil Pitney
2015-06-23fixed the mul_hi() builtin function crash issueShow Liu
2015-06-23fixed for rotate() crash issue when argument is uint typeShow Liu
2015-06-23added "-cl-std=CL1.2" cflags supportShow Liu