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python 2.6+, and not greater or equal to v 3.0.
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Update to latest common code from the TI repo.
-2. Add ICD support
- Adding ICD support requires embedding an ICD Dispatch structure
- into each public OpenCL object, and registering the vendor's
- implementation with the system so an ICD loader can find and invoke it.
- Though the effort does not appear too difficult, the payoff is really
- when there are other ICD-compatible OpenCL drivers for other
- devices (GPUs, DSPs) available with which to run concurrently.
-3. Merge TI OpenCL DSP Device support from git.ti.com/opencl.
+2. Merge TI OpenCL DSP Device support from git.ti.com/opencl.
Get the CPU and DSP device support to act as plugins to a common
framework, so that they may coexist.
-4. Builtins:
+3. Builtins:
The current clc.h has its roots in LLVM libclc, but has diverged. It
may be interesting to resync with that project, if those builtins
actually pass the Khronos tests.
-5. Update to OpenCL v 2.0
+4. Update to OpenCL v 2.0
An HSA compliant platform would benefit this effort.
-6. Move to SPIR, or SPIR-V.
+5. Move to SPIR, or SPIR-V.
Once a SPIR to ARM backend becomes available, could move to SPIR as a more
standard IR.