AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-01Changed starting up delay from literal count to timed delay to make it more a...HEADmasterPhilip Colmer
2014-01-30Script now writes to error.log anything output from state change scriptsPhilip Colmer
2014-01-23Added check for file saying that state change script is still running.Philip Colmer
2014-01-22Bug fixes around frozen state changePhilip Colmer
2014-01-22More fixes to the healthcheck scriptPhilip Colmer
2014-01-22Fixed typoPhilip Colmer
2014-01-22Fixed error in hc scriptPhilip Colmer
2014-01-22Reduced logging output from healthcheckPhilip Colmer
2014-01-22More fixes to hc script and upstart script.Philip Colmer
2014-01-22Fixed state change bugs and tweaked upstart scriptPhilip Colmer
2014-01-22Added pre-start phase to upstart script. Added syslog logging to healthcheck ...Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Fix to sort out Active status upon a restart of the server.Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Fixed init script so that healthcheck script starts in right directory.Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Corrected error in healthcheck.monitPhilip Colmer
2014-01-21Renamed simple_apache script. Added monit script for healthcheck. Added upsta...Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Additional state change scripts.Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Monit configuration and example apache monit file.Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Changes to how Apache startup is handled. Tweaks to healthcheck script.Philip Colmer
2014-01-21Changed state logic so that it is now possible to switch from ActivePhilip Colmer
2014-01-20Added extra stage change file and corrected logic for file count.Philip Colmer
2014-01-20Fixed syntax error.Philip Colmer
2014-01-20Changed script to a single pool thread. Fixed some state change bugs.Philip Colmer
2014-01-20Various changes to the script to fix logging and call state change scripts.Philip Colmer
2014-01-17Deleted unrequired files from the reporoot
2014-01-17New scriptroot
2014-01-16Commented out code that was hiding the logging of HTTP calls.root
2014-01-16Initial commitroot