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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-20package_kernel: fix kernel versionFathi Boudra
2014-04-27Revert "set explicitely the compression type to gzip"Fathi Boudra
2014-04-24set explicitely the compression type to gzipFathi Boudra
2013-08-22Merge sbuild support code that will not affect existing buildsWookey
2013-08-22Deal better with spaces in passed parametersWookey
2013-07-27Deprecate /lava-server prefix indexvalidation.linaro.org URL'sFathi Boudra
2013-01-27scripts/package_kernel: various fixes to use tmpfsFathi Boudra
2013-01-27scripts/package_kernel: fix can only `return' from a function or sourced scriptFathi Boudra
2013-01-26scripts/package_kernel: skip publish_source_pkg if the key is not providedFathi Boudra
2013-01-26scripts/package_kernel: drop create_eula functionFathi Boudra
2013-01-24scripts/package_kernel: disable do_create_hwpack by defaultFathi Boudra
2013-01-24scripts/package_kernel: install_custom_toolchain improvementsFathi Boudra
2013-01-24scripts/package_kernel: add arndale and highbank job flavourFathi Boudra
2013-01-24scripts/package_kernel: remove no-op lineFathi Boudra
2013-01-24scripts/package_kernel: get rid of some toolchain related hardcoded valuesFathi Boudra
2013-01-21Fix nano image url regular expressionJohn Rigby
2013-01-21Allow create_hwpack to fail without failing jobJohn Rigby
2013-01-19scripts/package_kernel: allow to upload to any host.Fathi Boudra
2013-01-18make default ppa staging-overlayJohn Rigby
2013-01-18package_kernel: make signing optionalRiku Voipio
2013-01-18Add a comment to explain why we pass --set-envvar in addition to --prepend-pa...Fathi Boudra
2013-01-18For some reasons, --prepend-path doesn't work for me. Set PATH env var toFathi Boudra
2013-01-18Always pass --prepend-path option. It doesn't matter if the path exists.Fathi Boudra
2013-01-18Use getconf to set the number of parallel jobsFathi Boudra
2013-01-17fix another arm64 vs master integration errorJohn Rigby
2013-01-17leave test build dir after buildingJohn Rigby
2013-01-17make boot wrapper optionalJohn Rigby
2013-01-17fix merge bugJohn Rigby
2013-01-17Merge branch 'arm64' into master-arm64-mergeJohn Rigby
2013-01-16get kernel version from kernel Makefilearm64John Rigby
2012-12-21Revert "add tmp revert hack"John Rigby
2012-12-17add tmp revert hackJohn Rigby
2012-12-13Revert "use prepend-path for custom toolchains"John Rigby
2012-12-13use prepend-path for custom toolchainsJohn Rigby
2012-11-20do_tools false when test buildingJohn Rigby
2012-11-16create artifact dir in separate stepJohn Rigby
2012-11-15make hwpack creation optionalJohn Rigby
2012-11-15Add support for multiple config fragsJohn Rigby
2012-11-15more armel removealJohn Rigby
2012-11-15remove lava supportJohn Rigby
2012-11-15add plain snowball non lt flavourJohn Rigby
2012-11-15fixes for 3.7 raringJohn Rigby
2012-10-31fix return value from finish_upJohn Rigby
2012-10-31finish_up is unconditionalJohn Rigby
2012-10-31Revert "use a private branch for l-i-t"John Rigby
2012-10-31finer grain skipping of lava_testJohn Rigby
2012-10-19use a private branch for l-i-tJohn Rigby
2012-10-09Handle boot wrapper in separate tree not as remoteJohn Rigby
2012-09-28link build artifacts to out directoryJohn Rigby
2012-09-28add board wrapper supportJohn Rigby