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2018-03-07Vexpress: android: double system and userdata partitionHEADmasterVishal Bhoj
We need larger system and userdata partition for AOSP now. Hence doubling the size and minimum sdcard image size would be 4G Change-Id: I8724b0a0d8aa7d3a38914b4d75046faa3cf26414 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2016-10-27android: increase the partion boundaries to work with sfdisk 2.26+Milosz Wasilewski
sfdisk 2.26+ isn't backward compatible. It causes issues when creating partitions. Increase the partition boundaries to work with sfdisk new version and older versions. Change-Id: I7ee437618691709a3a3bb2a5103a4245a6c37a0d Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2016-08-25android: Increase system partition for junoVishal Bhoj
current size for system partition is not enough on Android N Change-Id: Ied2c9b8bc721b4763cb4b4633f86b7b80fbf7692 Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2016-05-19Add support for sfdisk 2.26+Fathi Boudra
Since version 2.26, sfdisk does not provide the --DOS, --cylinders, --heads, --sectors options. Get rid of the deprecated options used by linaro-media-create and update the test suite accordingly. Fix https://bugs.linaro.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1838 Change-Id: Ib4f61d20f1b28f795175f23c1c97a4ac240b2aae Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2016-05-19Improve readabilityFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ifaec71ff8b4f4659e49f19dd1344c5662c63367d Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2016-05-11Filter out symlinks in _get_file_matching()Fathi Boudra
Due to the rootfs changes, kernel/initrd are shipped with unversioned symlinks now. The number of files is now 2 at minimum (symlink and real file). Fix the following error: ValueError: Too many files matching '/tmp/tmpq2xWZQ/rootfs/binary/boot/Image*' found. Regression introduced in: https://git.linaro.org/ci/ubuntu-build-service.git/commitdiff/9d07c7b60f18c207b9b446e1f3bb2eedf8ad4876 Change-Id: I0235dcd1e0faa9c6159345b1f35987f7fa8fe4fb Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org> Reported-by: Mathieu Poirier <mathieu.poirier@linaro.org>
2016-02-23Fix test suite errorsFathi Boudra
Change-Id: If97db12020eca5723b0d5dbb89c48c1b4332902c Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2016-02-10Fix qemu-arm-static version parsingFathi Boudra
Closes https://bugs.linaro.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2020 qemu_version is referenced before assignment. Parse -version output and include a fallback in case it fails. In addition, fix also the output formatting as we need the raw formatter to display \n as expected. Change-Id: I3248696194f0ca4077ff9ac3d9e86e5088d577d6 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2015-12-03boards: switch logic from or to and when checking for dtbsRicardo Salveti
Since we just want to warn the user if it can't find any dtb. Change-Id: I7b4addf9fe8bcda60b9c55e19b7d83e0724a4e49 Signed-off-by: Ricardo Salveti <ricardo.salveti@linaro.org>
2015-11-12Increase system partition since it is not enough for junoVishal Bhoj
Change-Id: I5040abb6e86f5f3aaf2dd3340def53ba6801445e Signed-off-by: Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj@linaro.org>
2015-10-26chroot_utils: check for links and copy with --archiveRicardo Salveti
This allows overwriting links and also move them back after creating the image, with the original permission and properties. Change-Id: I3f1b8848d0d66f9a0d7bc4dfd5e3509ddb7ac438 Signed-off-by: Ricardo Salveti <ricardo.salveti@linaro.org>
2015-05-07boards.py: Fix GPT table type when using reserved-boot-root partition layout.Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu)
The vfat partition type have to be EF00 because in partitions.py, partition.getFlagsAsString() returns 'boot' only when the type is EF00. Use 0C00 will cause partitions.py crash because no boot partition can be found. Signed-off-by: Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) <paul.liu@linaro.org>
2014-12-04Add -F param to mkfs callsRyan Harkin
Latest mkfs always asks for permission to create a partition, adding -F forces it to create the partition without prompting. Change-Id: Icff7d1e287141ca8956cbc49be978fa073108b8a Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>
2014-08-18media-create: sort devicelist in help output alphabetically.Koen Kooi
Change-Id: I16dce5defddef39dddc73c5cd2cc8277a6a4391e Signed-off-by: Koen Kooi <koen.kooi@linaro.org>
2014-08-18unpack_binary_tarball.py: add --selinux option for tar commandYongqin Liu
to support selinux for android with tarball files, we need to use the --selinux option of tar command to retain the security label information to filesystem from tarball files. and here we pass the --selinux option only when the tar command in the OS supports it except the --selinux option for tar command, changed the method to populate content for system/userdata partition. since with the move method, it can not keep the security information for the root directory of that partition. Change-Id: I1beef41042a883f31abd2a658c8368a15fa08247 Signed-off-by: Yongqin Liu <yongqin.liu@linaro.org>
2014-08-03Drop all calls to syncNeil Williams
Remove calls to sync as umount correctly flushes the buffers for the filesystem to umount whereas sync forces flushing of all kernel buffers, local and remote, which causes l-m-c tasks to stall when multiple jobs run l-m-c simultaneously on a single machine. Change-Id: I87acbb4fed4717a9d5fdeaf21156562cc8d9c201
2014-07-31fix error when not specify --userdataimage optionYongqin Liu
when not specify the --userdataimage option, will get the help displayed and following error even with --userdata option specified: linaro-android-media-create: error: one of the arguments --userdataimage is required Change-Id: Ia5a406d868a024704caafdd1ce4fe501c9702eff Signed-off-by: Yongqin Liu <yongqin.liu@linaro.org>
2014-07-08linaro-android-media-create: add support to use img filesYongqin Liu
add support for using system.img and userdata.img generated by android build system directly. this is needed for the support of selinux on Android since the img files have the selabel information persisted Change-Id: I40ad1c94817821f6c9a12062c0fa82dd35e34ae4 Signed-off-by: Yongqin Liu <yongqin.liu@linaro.org>
2014-06-14linaro-media-create: add GPT support (--part-table option)Semen Protsenko
Now user can choose partition table between MBR (default) or GPT, using the option "--part-table". For GPT partitioning, "sgdisk" tool is required. Call-chain of interest (before this patch): linaro-media-create: __main__() -> linaro_image_tools/media_create/partitions.py: setup_partitions() -> linaro_image_tools/media_create/partitions.py: create_partitions() -> linaro_image_tools/media_create/partitions.py: run_sfdisk_commands() The same operation can be done manually as follows: $ dd if=/dev/zero of=linaro.img bs=1M count=2k $ /sbin/sgdisk -n 1:-:200m -t 1:EF00 linaro.img $ /sbin/sgdisk -n 2:-:- -t 2:8300 linaro.img $ sudo kpartx -a linaro.img $ sudo mkfs.vfat -F32 -s 2 /dev/mapper/loop0p1 $ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/loop0p2 $ sudo kpartx -d linaro.img Change-Id: Iba274c18bdb1f618124c8cc2784f233b049de7f0 Signed-off-by: Semen Protsenko <semen.protsenko@linaro.org>
2014-06-14Refactor kernel image renaming to avoid to hardcode the kernel nameFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I4cd53f935b8e423676815fd0dd5cae57e0a6a573 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-06-14Add a generic board configRyan Harkin
Add a generic config for boards that drop a kernel and an initrd into the boot partition. Juno is such a board, where the other boot files, such as DTB and firmware are put into the boot partition by the hardware pack metadata. FastModel config now herits from the generic config. Change-Id: Ib60c57f738eaa0199bbefd49cf77e0cd4a9ddb97 Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-05-27fastmodel: copy initrd to the output directoryFathi Boudra
initrd.img is used to boot with Ubuntu arm64 images. Change-Id: Ia8fa456811d776d83e6c1dfcc4b6d065fb7336ad Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-05-26copy qemu-aarch64-static binary in the chrootFathi Boudra
QEMU release with arm64 support has the binary qemu-arm64-static renamed to qemu-aarch64-static. Change-Id: I8cef3d08d0e092d96518b0616ed437bc864bc36e Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-04-07juno: extract juno binaries to the boot_dirRyan Harkin
Change-Id: Iba96cc7d6a92264a6cb1ad552e64d2596b01439b Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <ryan.harkin@linaro.org>
2014-02-25arndale_octa: Rename the device name to match Android buildTushar Behera
In Android build, the device name is set as 'arndale_octa'. Match it for linaro-android-media-create too. Change-Id: I6e848ab6af6b795c75100cd7c80a173e5a25de9a Signed-off-by: Tushar Behera <tushar.behera@linaro.org>
2014-02-22Fix files permissions in copy_drop() to avoid empty Image (LP #1259885)Fathi Boudra
Change-Id: I62700eb9a362181d6470e2dcfe6903ac7eab281c Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-02-21Arndale Octa: Add support for Android buildTushar Behera
Adding initial support for Arndale-Octa board for linaro-android-media-create. Assumptions: BL1 filename is arndale-octa.bl1.bin SPL filename is smdk5420-spl.signed.bin TZSW filename is arndale-octa.tzsw.bin These files have to be copied from vendor folder to boot folder through some script. Change-Id: Ia1321df31ab9f8a4e44c873a24f560b90938e640 Signed-off-by: Tushar Behera <tushar.behera@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-01-15Fix network interface not updated (LP: #1268776)Fathi Boudra
regression introduced when OS detection was refactored. Change-Id: Iba188ad420c6214d9da43c6ca6055f91cae4698c Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-01-10Arndale Octa: add mac address to bootargs to avoid random addressFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ib2e6b0fee746daa6359e53496f4ad1736b40e18d Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-01-08Arndale Octa: update bootloader flavorFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I7009eb6b0003a91bc9a608d3678f84a8827bc742 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2014-01-08Add support for Arndale OctaFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I7f00bb1ad4acdaa1c071a5bed3f040c845203a15 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2013-12-20Remove not necessary white spaces from boot command.Milo Casagrande
Change-Id: I53e21a1b99bcf4f52df6892a8458c7eff1bc2e54
2013-12-20Fixed wrong test.Milo Casagrande
Change-Id: Ie5b9925606bf1e7dcddf13a1ad16d9e767789dd6
2013-12-14Copy all QEMU ARM binaries (arm, armeb, arm64)Fathi Boudra
Change-Id: I3186b8005af801d74fe15e5fb0c8e6963f453fe8 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2013-12-13Refactor the code to detect rootfs distributionFathi Boudra
Change-Id: Ib158ae468f3010cb49eef3b1453d20c5115bbca4 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2013-12-13Fix typos in commentsFathi Boudra
Change-Id: I5abc3b376ab3889c33dfc68531089ae89787a1d5 Signed-off-by: Fathi Boudra <fathi.boudra@linaro.org>
2013-12-12Make sure we can run l-i-t from the checkout.Milo Casagrande
* With some hwpack and dev models, we do not run inside a chroot. This can be a problem on system where l-i-t has not been installed resulting in an error when trying to run linaro-hwpack-install. Reworked then the way we pass the command to run, considering the full path in the case when not in a chroot. * Fixed tests. Change-Id: I6af1384c20b62cba9c34d65cde8f9fdee0ab8d8a
2013-12-10Added checks for dtb_files field and command line options.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-11-29Update the tests wrt to the latest changes in system partition size for AndroidVishal Bhoj
2013-11-28Increase system partition size since we run out of space while creating ↵Vishal Bhoj
image that includes native-toolchain.
2013-10-24Added command line option --dtb-fileGeorgy Redkozubov
2013-10-14Added checks for dtb_files and if found set first entry as default dtb file.Georgy Redkozubov
2013-09-23Rename file after copy for FastModel.Ryan Harkin
2013-09-19Use wildcard to include dtbsFathi Boudra
2013-09-19Add support for the new ARM modelsFathi Boudra
2013-08-19Revert Fedora support - regressionFathi Boudra
2013-08-17Fix populate rootfs testFathi Boudra
2013-08-16RebaseFathi Boudra
2013-08-16Added Fujitsu AA9 board support.Fathi Boudra
2013-08-16Add AA9 testsFathi Boudra