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2013-02-17Third run of pep8 fixes.Stevan Radakovic
2012-06-13Remove trailing whitespace.Danilo Segan
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix W293 blank line contains whitespace and W391 blank line at end ofLoïc Minier
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix E251 no spaces around keyword / parameter equals.Loïc Minier
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix E225 missing whitespace around operator.Loïc Minier
2012-06-07PEP8: Fix E222 multiple spaces after operator.Loïc Minier
2011-06-17Provided sensible default to confirm_device_selection_and_ensure_it_is_ready ...James Tunnicliffe
2011-06-15Add command line option to force yes to the "Are you 100% sure on selecting [...James Tunnicliffe
2011-04-28Sort devices before printing them.Mattias Backman
2011-03-23Shuffle modules to be under the same hierarchy:Loïc Minier